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  1. applejailescape

    Going through a rough patch , stress and anxiety

    Hi guys , going through a rough patch with stress and anxiety as of late and feels easier to talk to you all over this rather than by friends in real life. I'll give you the short story , it all started when I went on an ambulance from a fast hart rate and later sent home (was about 125bpm) this...
  2. applejailescape

    Best Apps for iPhone to download 2nd half of 2012

    Ok im back guys (been a while) , i know this questions has been asked 100000000000000x on this place but what would you say are your top iPhone apps or games that are a must to download as of today! got a new iPhone 4 and want to pimp it out cheers
  3. applejailescape

    Got a iPhone 4S any advice

    Just got a white iPhone 4S 16GB factory unlocked and I was wondering what apps I should download or what is a must have on the phone , or main features etc Thanks
  4. applejailescape

    iPhone 3GS iOS 4.3.5 baseband 05.16.02 unlock?

    Hi guys ive been looking everywhere for this answer but still coming up short , i bought a iPhone 3GS from the UK and i need it unlocked to an irish sim , its a iPhone 3GS Ios 4.3.5 baseband 05.16.02 , ive tried downgrading but iTunes isn't having it with no earlier firmwares saved , also heared...
  5. applejailescape

    Microsoft Call Scam!

    just a heads up got a phone call from a person stating that they were from Microsoft and that my computer had a virus and I needed there help to fix it , I was first suspicious when I answered the phone and they called me Mr.Spears and not Mr.Spencer but I played along with it and from there he...
  6. applejailescape

    I'm back ! (Applejailescape)

    hi guys don't no if any of you remember me but i use to be on the forum all the time but as my big exams were coming up for my final year i knew that i had to make the decision to take a break from eic or face another year repeating the exam . I made the right choice but my exams are over and im...
  7. applejailescape

    New blackberry advert , iPhone Win...? This is blackberrys (vodafones) new advert over here in Europe and there selling blackberrys at a cheap price starting at 149€ , has blackberry lost and just cashing in ,because in my opinion Apple own the...
  8. applejailescape

    Got a iPad 1 , any advice?

    Got a iPad 1st generation 16gb today! Really happy with it , have you guys any must have apps, games etc . I've also it jailbroken , any good Cydia tweaks and the likes , thanks in advance !
  9. applejailescape

    Where's my avatar gone?

    I don't like starting threads but this is annoying me . My picture isn't showing up on EIC when everyone else's is ,can everyone else see it? could this be a copyright issue? With the picture ? (pictures below) Image has been removed. Image has been removed.
  10. applejailescape

    Story game thread

    Thought this could be fun if it got going . Not sure if you've played this before but for example I would say , "one day I woke up and I realized that i woke up late for work" Then the next person continues the story and might say "I ran outside and people started laughing , I had forgotten to...
  11. applejailescape

    500th Post On EIC!

    Didn't really know where to post this but this is my 500th post i started all the way back in october 5th . I was considering doing one of these new topic on it but wasn't sure . EIC to me has turned into something i use more than facebook the people on it are great and there is a real family...
  12. applejailescape

    What's everybody's new year resolution?

    Mine for one is to be more patient and give money to charity more often.
  13. applejailescape

    What you all get for christmas

    It's just turned 12 here , I know there's a time difference in the countries but post what you got 4 christmas here ! Happy christmas everyone :)
  14. applejailescape

    What's Your favourite App/Game on your iPhone , iPad or iPod touch

    think this would be quite interesting, what app is your favourite and why ? for example for me it would be ''Modern Combat 2'' the graphic's were mind blowing on the iPhone 4 and set the bar for gameplay and graphics on the app store,
  15. applejailescape

    Just upgraded to iPhone 4 from a 3G

    Just upgraded to the iPhone 4 from the iPhone 3G and im delighted with it just a few questions though 1)when will there be a unlock for the iPhone 4 as its on firmware 4.1 , also is there a way of downgrading and then unlocking? 2)whats the newest features i can play around with?
  16. applejailescape

    I updated my iPhone 3G to 4.1 and downgraded to 3.1.3 can i still unlock?

    I updated my iPhone 3G to 4.1 and downgraded to 3.1.3 by holding down shift and selecting firmware. i have jailbreaked using redsn0w and installed ultrasn0w but its not finding my network and i have used and installed unltrasn0w again but the phone wont find my network it just...
  17. applejailescape

    iPhone 4 worth upgrade from 3G?

    thinking of buying a iPhone 4 and upgrading from my old 3g which has served me well. the main reason im thinking about upgrading is because how slow ios 4.0 has made my device i cnt update until green poison is released for a unlock. will 4.1 change my 3g proformance or is the iPhone 4 worth the...
  18. applejailescape

    iPhone 2g stuck on recovery mode help

    I have a iPhone 2g stuck on recovery mode,( the iPhone shows a usb cable and above this is the iTunes logo.) when i plug this into iTunes on the computer it comes up with a message '' iTunes has detected that your iPhone is in recovery mode'' and the only option i am given with is to...