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  1. Hondamaker

    Has Anyone Purchased A HomePod?

    If so, how do you like it? I love mine, but until there's an update, Siri on the HomePod won't unlock anything through HomeKit. My biggest gripe. It won't unlock the door or open the garage but my other iDevices will.
  2. Hondamaker

    Who's Buying a HomePod?

    I ordered 2 on preorder day (early morning). Should be getting them tomorrow. Can't wait. Early reviews say the sound is as good as speakers that cost thousands of dollars. Siri on the other hand, has been dumbed down pending future software updates. Can't wait for those.
  3. Hondamaker

    iPhone X iPhone X Photos Thread

    I looked but couldn't find a similar thread. Post pics taken with the iPhone X.
  4. Hondamaker

    iOS Wishlist. What's On Your List?

    What I'd love to see in the near future: FaceTime conference calling. My daughters are in the air force and I haven't seen them together in a couple of years. I'd love to be able to FaceTime both of them at the same time. Transfer of FaceTime from one device to another during a call, just like...
  5. Hondamaker

    What I hate about iOS 11...

    Just one thing really, and that's the disabling of wifi in the Control Center. It's not so much a disabling as it is a disconnecting. I want it to turn off wifi, not disconnect me. What do you guys hate about iOS 11?
  6. Hondamaker

    iOS 10.2 TV Providers

    Just updated to beta 6 of 10.2, and checked out the TV Provider list. Hawaiian Telecom, but no Time Warner Cable? What the heck?!
  7. Hondamaker

    Deleting Mail On iPhone Deletes on Mac

    I don't know if this is a bug, or if there is a setting I'm missing, but if I download mail to my Mac (current OS), and then later check mail on my iPhone (current OS), the same emails will appear on my iPhone. Then when I delete the emails on my iPhone, the same emails are deleted on my Mac. I...
  8. Hondamaker

    iTunes sucks at restoring from backups

    How come even when I backup my phone to my computer, when I restore from a backup I still have to DOWNLOAD ALL MY APPS? Don't they get backed up to my Mac when I back the phone up? I should be able to restore from a backup, and when it's finished, all my apps are there. This infuriates an...
  9. Hondamaker

    Updated to 10, lost the EiC app

    I can't even find it in the App Store.
  10. Hondamaker

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus Reviews, Thoughts & Complaints?

    My thoughts on the iPhone 7 (Plus): It's my first Plus, so it's huge and I really like it. The display is amazing! The speakers aren't terrible, but not as nice-sounding as I had hoped. I really like the camera and the optical zoom works well. It takes amazing photos. I have beta 1 of 10.1 and...
  11. Hondamaker

    Picture in picture

    Just got my first iPad since iOS 9 and I've been trying to get the picture in picture to work. Per Apple's website, while watching a video you can tap the home button and the video will shrink to a corner of the screen and then you can open another app and still watch the video. For me, tapping...
  12. Hondamaker

    iOS 9.3 public beta bug?

    With 9.3, in the Apple Watch App, you're supposed to see the current watch face on the main screen as well as the screen you get to when you tap on the name of your watch. Mine is still blank.
  13. Hondamaker

    How Do I Get Music Physically On My Device?

    I thought I new all about this stuff. I was in an airplane with Airplane Mode on and none of my music was available until I got a connection to wifi or cellular. I've synced my phone a million times but apparently my music isn't actually on my device. How do I get it on my phone?
  14. Hondamaker

    iPhone 7 Another Rumor--Wireless Charging. Why??

    I don't understand why people like wireless charging. Maybe I'm missing something here. What's the benefit? If it's on the charger (literally) and I get a call, or I want to place one, or just pick up the phone to do something else, then it's not charging any more. If I use the cable to charge...
  15. Hondamaker

    iPhone 6s My iPhone Case vs. Siri

    I have an Otterbox Strada case. When I close the cover, the phone cannot hear me say Hey Siri. The mic at the bottom is clear. When I open the case, the phone hears me fine. I don't think the cover is covering any mics. Am I wrong? The mic on the bottom is clear, and the mic next to the rear...
  16. Hondamaker

    iPhone 6s How To Adjust 3D Touch

    Some people feel like they have to really press to get 3D Touch to work, while others are worried about breaking their screens. There's actually a setting to adjust the sensitivity of 3D Touch. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>3D Touch. There you can adjust the sensitivity to Light, Meduim...
  17. Hondamaker

    iPhone 6s A very good article on 3D Touch

    Read this on Very well-written article about the author's experience with the 6S and 3D Touch.
  18. Hondamaker

    50 Tips and Tricks in iOS 9

    Here are 50 great tips, some you may not know about. One I just learned is that you can now delete all emails at once!!
  19. Hondamaker

    iPhone 6s What Was On Your Wishlist for iPhone 6S?

    I was really hoping that with the 3D touch, when you took a screenshot, there were options afterward, like a Send To option. Nine times outta ten, when I take a screenie, it's to send to someone, so why not have that option immediately? There are others, but I'll start with this one.
  20. Hondamaker

    No More News On Main Page?

    I check the main pages of all the major Apple websites/blogs for any new happenings, and I noticed that everythingicafe hasn't posted anything new since July. What's up with that?