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    Best instant messenger program for the iPhone?

    Beejive will notify you by email or push, but if you use your text # as your email address (, you should be able to get text notification.
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    MacBook Mac book air arived this morning !

    My husband needed a new laptop, so he took my MBP and bought me an MBA. I was against it at first, but now I really love my MBA.
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    Any 1 From The Bay Area?

    SF here too.
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    Yahoo push email finally working?

    I just signed up for a personal address account with Yahoo. I can log in and receive emails through the personal address (, but I cannot send from it. When I changed my email account to, I can send and receive emails with no problems. Unfortunately, I want to send...
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    custom ringtones after update?

    I created my ringtones the same way as you did. My ringtones are still working with 1.1.1. My husbands' iPhone's ringtones are gone though. I created his ringtones the same way as mine did.
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    Instant Messaging on iPhone?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "it does it all". It doesn't do background notifications. Unless I'm actually on Safari (which I'm not unless I need something), I don't get notified of an incoming IM.
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    Send pics from iPhone to your .Mac Photo Gallery! AWESOME!

    I can't seem to find the "send to web gallery" button on my iPhone.
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    I'm putting this here as PROOF (LOL)

    Have you (or anybody else with a family text plan) received your bill yet? I'm curious to see if there are any problems with making sure the texts are credited against the unlimited family text as opposed to the iPhone data (which has 200 texts).
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    I'm putting this here as PROOF (LOL)

    I don't get it. We have called 5 or 6 times and have been turned down every time.
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    I'm putting this here as PROOF (LOL)

    My husband just called customer care and was told you cannot combine the family text plan with the iPhone plan. We asked him to check again and he put us on hold for a long time (1/2 hour). When he came back, he said he checked with several people and the answer was no.
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    I'm putting this here as PROOF (LOL)

    The $5 add on is for unlimited mobile to mobile text and that's a per line add on. What she's talking about is the $29.99 unlimited family text add on. That's $29.99 for the entire family plan account and you can text to anybody, in or outside of AT&T.
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    I'm putting this here as PROOF (LOL)

    I heard from somebody else (in a different group) that it was true. I haven't tried it yet, as I'm still waiting for those who have switched to get their first bill and confirm that it works. Please keep me posted when you receive your bill.
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    existing AT&T customers

    Can somebody else confirm this? I thought there was a $36 upgrade fee , existing customers or not.
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    1st FULL charge lasted only 12 hours?

    I took my phone out of the cradle at 5:30 am and it just ran out of battery at 10:30pm (17 hours). In the course of the day I had: Wifi Off Bluetooth Off Yahoo Push mail all day IMAP checking every 15 minutes (most of the day) Talk time of 1.5 hours Some videos, some playing around, some...
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    You cannot buy iPhone if you are NOT eligible for an Upgrade Unless you Add A line

    I just upgraded through Premier last month and then switched to the iPhone on Monday. As far as I know, they renewed our contract for 2 years (not 2 years on top of our just renewed 2 year contract).