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  1. snowtrooper1966

    iPhone X X preorder thread

    Sprint’s site was a nightmare, took 37 minutes to get the oder processed for two 64 GB X’s, one Silver one Grey. I did qualify for the FlexPay/trade-in promotion of 350 off, so will only be paying 22 monthly each. Did not get any shipping estimate.... In the 36 minutes prior to order processing...
  2. snowtrooper1966

    iMac Upgrade late 2012 MacMini 2.6 Ghz 1.1TB Fusion Drive to iMac

    OK, so have 3076 (core, tax for my area brings total to 3291) Apple store credit. The mrs wants the Adobe CC Photography suite and will be getting Apple Care+ so iMac budget is 2786. Was thinking its time to put on the big boy pants and upgrade our trusty late 2012 MacMini, custom configured w/...
  3. snowtrooper1966

    Mac mini Late 2012 Mac Mini liquid intrusion

    11 year old son James was at desktop using Mac Mini. Our toddler Kirk walked over with cup of apple juice and spilled it on desktop. Since the Mini was on, the internal cooling fan actually sucked in liquid. By the time I responded to calamity, I could hear the fan and liquid sloshing inside...
  4. snowtrooper1966

    Kill daily software update notification?

    Is there a tweak that will nullify this annoyance?
  5. snowtrooper1966

    Merry Christmas 2015

    To my much loved EiC family....
  6. snowtrooper1966

    The Force Awakens NO SPOILERS

    Less than a day away....
  7. snowtrooper1966

    Happy Father's Day all eiC dads!

    Really missing my pops today.
  8. snowtrooper1966

    Mac 8.1.2 jailbreak w/PP released

    Just used it, worked the 1st time.
  9. snowtrooper1966

    This Photo is not editable?

    This Photo is not Editable? Really? I need to make another copy of it to edit, so I will have at least 5 versions now, the original, the iCloud copy in iPhoto, the above version that is in my "recently added" on 6+, then the new copy and edited version? The photo was taken on this device, but...
  10. snowtrooper1966

    eiC choose file button unresponsive on iPhone 6+ in Safari

    Having issues w/ "choose file" radio button when using Safari. Acting like I'm trying to select text, not allowing me to choose a file 99.9% of the time....
  11. snowtrooper1966

    Snowtrooper1966 Jr's 9th Birthday Siri Greeting

    Today Snowtrooper1966 Jr turns 9 years old! Thought it would be awesome to have Siri announce his gift, since he does not actually GET the 5S until Friday after we get our 6+'s. Had to DL the Siri "Samantha" voice into our MacMini text to speech system preferences. Then, using terminal...
  12. snowtrooper1966

    iPhone 6 serenity and surrealism

    Kind of an odd surrealism here. Usually lots of negative threads commenting on (perceived) minimal hardware update this time of year. Guess when you introduce 2 new models that dramatically increase screen real estate, an all new design AND the standard camera/chip advances, the only thing to...
  13. snowtrooper1966

    New Sprint "iPhone for life" plans

    These new plans look promising, featuring unlimited talk, txt and data (only carrier to offer this for a flat rate {$50} I believe) and 0 out the door at point of sale.... Going to go down today and pre order our 6's, will have more details. Single line: Multi line:
  14. snowtrooper1966

    Sprint Framily

    Anyone on Sprint want to join the "Framily"? Currently sitting @ 4 members, so everyone's bill is $40. With each new member, monthly plan drops by $5 bucks. Bills are separate and at no time does anyone see the other's account info or have any means to negatively effect the other. PM me for...
  15. snowtrooper1966

    Happy Dark Knight day!

    75 years of awesomeness!
  16. snowtrooper1966

    May the Fourth be with you....

  17. snowtrooper1966

    Snowtrooper1966's New Recruit

    Gonna have the entire set! @MrsSnowtrooper1966 went through intense sonogram and fetal nucleoli translucency testing yesterday, to see if we should expect any of the same complications we experienced with Tiberius. Initial findings: super green! And confirmation that it's a boy. Good thing...
  18. snowtrooper1966

    Snowtrooper1966 Halloween Wedding

    Simple civil ceremony. Lots of love w @MrsSnowtrooper1966 , Tiberius, snowtrooper jr and my 24 year old daughter, Tabitha. And no costumes :D
  19. snowtrooper1966


    Favorite time of the year @ the Snowtrooper household. Starts with goblins, ghouls and zombies and finishes strong with a visit from the man on the 25th of December....
  20. snowtrooper1966

    5S Quantities/Selection @ Launch Abysmal?

    Bad news for campers... Just spoke to a Sprint rep I've dealt with last 3 launches. Always had good intel and a big help. His txt from company phone: "I would give you a number but to be honest our preorders (in store gift card 'reservation') have all of them taken. Bottom line... 0-5s's...