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    WiFi not working, "genius" says water damage

    hi everyone. i have an iPhone 3g and the wifi just stopped working out of no where. so i took it into the Apple store and the first thing he did was point a light in the headphone jack and at the bottom where u plug in the charger. well he showed me it was a redish color, indicating water...
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    How much data usage for radio streaming

    I want to stream a local radio station using "FSTREAM" and im wondering how much data would it usE? I want to use for for about 2.5 hrs twice a wk. my data plan isn't unlimited. are there any date usage trackers for the iPhone? thanks.
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    1.1.4 otb + ziPhone ? going to Apple store today

    can i DO IT ALL on a 1.1.4 iPhone otb? was planning on buying one for someone, want to know if it's unlockable
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    anySIM 1.21u didn't unlock, says it did.

    i ran anysim on my 1.1.2 following the below instructions, says it unlocked successfuly, but im still not able to dial out, any ideas? i was on 1.0.2 when i started the upgrade, went to 1.1.1.. followed this guide, all functions work except for the phone...
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    Unable to virginize iPhone, trying to Upgrade 1.0.2 to 1.1.2

    iPhone wont work...tried to virginize iPhone, to Upgrade 1.0.2 to 1.1.2 i need some serious help, hope i didn't brick my phone... im unlocked on 1.0.2 OTB and was usnig this guide to upgrade to 1.1.2 I meet the requirements stated on the top...
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    how do i play an uploaded video on my iPhone

    hi guys, sorry dumb Q, i looked around and couldn't figure it out. i just synced a video from iTunes into my iPhone, how do i play it now? thanks, thought i would need quicktime, but i don't see that on my phone
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    Can I delete songs from PC after syncing with iTunes?

    As the topic says, i have synced all my songs to my iPhone, can i how delete them off my pc (to save space) reason i'm asking is because i'm getting a message from iTunes, saying that we cannot sync, files isn't found (or something to that effect) thanks
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    video recorder only rec's a few seconds

    does this happen to anyone else, it worked at first then only rec's only the first few seconds. i had to record something important the other day, and just found out it didn't record at all. any advice? Does the phone have to be active, meaning the backlight turned on? will it work if its in...
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    How to use rSBT and Summerboard

    i was told by the person who i bought my iPhone from to use rSBT and summerboard to customize my icons, hide icons ets... i have installed these but cant seem to hide anything, can someone direct me to a tutorial or be kind enough to tell me. i did a search and nothing came up on rSBT thanks.