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  1. Lips2000

    Gmail goes IMAP

    If you have a Gmail account, check out the following link: Google is now offering IMAP access for the iPhone! Not working yet on my iPhone but my fingers are crossed. Mark
  2. Lips2000

    Speakerphone volume: Think about it...

    As most of you have read or discovered for yourselves, the speaker volume is dramatically different while on a call than while listening to music or videos. Ever stop to wonder "Why?" To me, it's simple... Because the speaker is positioned in such close proximity to the microphone, I...
  3. Lips2000

    Do you pinch or do you tap?

    Just curious... I find dbl tapping to be quicker and works well especially when surfing. Your thoughts? Mark
  4. Lips2000

    Did Apple really over-hype the iPhone?

    IMHO: No. Reasoning: Think about what Apple actually did to promote the iPhone. Steve Jobs gave a keynote address and introduced the iPhone in January to a group of techies and journalists at Mac World. To be expected. I mean, where should of he introduced it? Then there was a single...
  5. Lips2000

    How does the iPhone know?

    I made two playlist for the iPhone and one, with over 150 songs in it, includes the Oasis song "All Around the World" (You know, the new AT&T theme song on the commercials). I always just hit "Shuffle All" when I bring up the playlist so I can get a little variety. Now the weird part...
  6. Lips2000

    Who needs a digital picture frame...

    when you can simply dock you iPhone, open up Photos and hit play on your favorite folder?! Still charges the phone and it looks great sitting on my desk moving through the pics of my family! Bet a Crackberry can't do that! ;) Mark
  7. Lips2000

    iPhone's built-in Ringtones

    Just in case you wanted to know... Here is the entire list of ring-tones from the new iPhone tour video (in the order listed): ----------------- Marimba Alarm Ascending Bark Bell Tower Blues Boing Crickets Digital Doorbell Duck Harp Motorcycle Old Car Horn Old Phone Piano...
  8. Lips2000

    Pic and Video of iPhone kiosks

    So, I walked into the local AT&T store tonight to get some info on the iPhone and what is sitting to the right? This honk'n thing: Took a quick pic and looked around and started the video camera on my Treo 700w (That's why the quality is so bad, sorry). Chatted with the nice sales associate...
  9. Lips2000

    Fun: Green Goggles' owner?

    From Engadget: Could it be? Mark P.S. - Senseless I know. :2cool: