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  1. Cjvdh

    Hi! I’m back

    I missed all of you long time members! I took a long break however I am back! Just recently picked up a 11” iPad Pro with the keyboard. Go APPLE!
  2. Cjvdh

    iPhone 6s What can I expect when pre-ordering iPhone 6s through Apple?

    What's up everyone! It's that time of year again! Who's preordering through Apple? This is going to be the first time I'm going to do this as I normally wait in line on launch day but don't have the time for all that this year.
  3. Cjvdh

    I miss Camera Roll and waiting for Apple to bring it back

    Apple really needs to hurry up and bring the camera roll back seriously if isn't broke no need to fix it! I don't want to see recently added photos and the collections thing is dumb. Dear Apple please bring back my camera roll.
  4. Cjvdh

    Tough Decision 6+ 16GB dilemma

    So some may know I ended up purchasing a 16GB plus model finally got my hands on it and I must say the size and everything grew on me and I happy to report I won't be using anything other than the 6 plus I love the size and after using it for awhile it kind of seems small .... LOL anyways I have...
  5. Cjvdh

    The problem with iPhone 6 Plus

    Ok so where to begin this thread .... I first wanted to thank everyone for the incredible support and following of my story just a quick update on things I originally purchased an iP6 on launch day at my local at&t store I was 6th in line and they only got 5 plus models on launch day and...
  6. Cjvdh

    Apple In Store (AT&T NEXT)

    Ok so tonight I was browsing Apple's website because I am bored and already tired of waiting for to get my iPhone 6 plus even though I only ordered a week and a half ago I am already sick and tired of waiting and I know Apple is doing everything they can on there end however I am just impatient...
  7. Cjvdh

    Lightning Port Plug

    Just as the title states I picked up an apple case this past weekend for my plus model however I got to thinking does anyone make lightning plugs that I can use to keep dirt out of that area. It seems like if I leave it open after 4 months the lint and dust build up is crazy. Thanks.
  8. Cjvdh

    iPhone 6+ returns soaring!

    I just thought this is interesting and wanted to bring it up my local AT&T store only received stock of about (5) of the plus models and I believe 50 or 60 of the regular 6 models. They sold out by friday night of everything and all 5 of plus models were sold within the first 4 minutes of them...
  9. Cjvdh

    iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me back I appreciate all the support and I missed you all! Europa, Napoleon, Chris, etc your all great!! I am going to be getting the new iPhone I am not rushing anything I don't have to own the phone on launch day I'm not that impatient however I do want it! I am...
  10. Cjvdh

    I'm still alive!

    I know it's been awhile. How's everyone been doing?
  11. Cjvdh

    Jawbone Jambox

    Does anyone have one of these I just picked up a limited edition one in target yesterday for $129.99 a buddy of mine who used to work at Harley with me had one and I loved it so I grabbed one but haven't opened it yet because I'm out of town. What's your opinion with this device?
  12. Cjvdh

    iPhone 5 purple haze

    Has anyone else been experienced the purple haze effect on there photos? I'm working on my 2nd iPhone 5 from Apple already and this one still has the same issue as the previous one. Suggestions
  13. Cjvdh

    I just had to do it!

    I broke down today and picked up the new iPhone in white. I just felt the need to share that with everyone. Has anyone else done the same?
  14. Cjvdh

    What's going to be new with iOS5?

    I was reading some other places but thought I would post here instead. What are going to be some new features of iOS5? If this is a duplicate thread and there is already a discussion elsewhere I apologize. Thanks
  15. Cjvdh

    MacBook Pro 8GB MBP UPGRADE!

    Ok so of course my machine came with 4GB and I am pondering getting the 8GB from they are having a sale right now on there RAM and it's only $90 bucks shipped! I am seriously contemplating it however I don't really know if I will benefit from it because I don't really use...
  16. Cjvdh

    Jailbreak 3G iP running 4.2.1

    I just tried searching but found nothing but garbage how can I jailbreak my friends iPhone 3G running 4.2.1 he just wants it jail-broke.
  17. Cjvdh

    iPhone 5 not till 2012?

    I just read the front page of EiC and found myself a little disappointed as some tech-bloggers are saying that there sources have confirmed iPhone 5 production will start in September? What kind of crap is that? Apple has had all of there releases for the iPhone in the past 4 years all within at...
  18. Cjvdh

    Robbery suspect killed in shootout at San Diego Apple Store

    People are crazy nowadays.
  19. Cjvdh

    Can AT&T iPhones FaceTime with Verizon iPhones?

    Ok so a lot of my friend's have been getting the Verizon iPhone can I not face-time with them? For some reason I thought it was just my one friends phone like I thought maybe he had face-time turned off or something but then I also tried to do it with another friend and it did not work. I then...
  20. Cjvdh

    MacBook Pro Just got my new MBP

    So many of you already know my situation and story and for those of you who don't well ..... Long story short I sold my brand new only a couple months old 21.5" iMac i3 for an iPad 1 to then return that a few days later for the iPad 2 to then sell the iPad 2 and buy a MBP and I can honestly say...