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    Hotch and dr. Reid

    Hotch and dr. Reid
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    Yes indeed!

    Yes indeed!
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    How'd you guess : )

    How'd you guess : )
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    iPhone 4 or Android

    I considered the Captivate before I got my iPhone 4 so I couldn't make a comparison there. But when I wanted a tablet I first bought the Samsung galaxy s instead of the iPad. Please don't laugh but I just found it to be too much work to customize. I want simple easy to use right out of the...
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    I'm gonna hold it out for iPhone 5

    Your avatar. Sorry I didn't mean for this thread to go off topic. The Bluetooth is the one thing I had a problem with and have given up on that.
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    I'm gonna hold it out for iPhone 5

    Thanks Hotch I concur.
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    Just ordered an iPad!

    No they do not!
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    I'm gonna hold it out for iPhone 5

    Of course I could be wrong but I don't think June 2011 is going to bring a totally redesigned iPhone. That is just my feeling on it and I too never had an antenna problem and I really tried to hold it wrong! I'm lucky to live in an area with great coverage and I've dropped 2 calls since July...
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    Just ordered an iPad!

    I just got one today also. Couldn't really justify why I needed to have one other than my kids took over my PC! Did anyone get theirs through verizon? So neat that I'm actually using all fingers to a type instead of pick and peck!
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    Looking for an iPhone 4

    If not eligible for an upgrade you could consider adding a line. AT&T now has the 16g refurbished for 149.00.
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    iPhone Unlimted Data Plan Petition

    I will add my name but I like the tiered data plan. With wifi I actually save $15 a month. But I understand where you're coming from.
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    most popular cases now

    Think I will stick with the Defender. Sorry I can't post links but I did see an article on Engadget today about slider cases causing the black glass to crack if something gets lodged under the case and then you try to remove it. I'm not exactly sure how it can happen but the pictures made me...
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    The iPhone 4 Picture Thread!

    Someone hit my brand new CRV! Holy picture size Batman! Sorry I didn't crop!
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    Otterbox Defender!

    You can't beat the peace of mind and knowing it will be worth more when you got to sell it. I bought the black one but wish I had held out for the blue one.
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    Sold my 3G

    It all comes down to personal preference but I certainly wouldn't brag that "hey I got something better". I had the Incredibel when I was with vzw and I just felt like I was missing out on what the iPhone could offer. And I was...very easy to use, much better battery life, solid build. HTC...
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    Switcheasy Capsule Rebel case Now Available for the iPhone 4

    I like...just ordered one. Thanks for the info.
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    How do you fix scratches on your iPhone screen

    I have an older pair of glasses that I still use only at home. They are a little beat up so I am going have to try the butter thing. Not sure if I would do that to my iPhone but nothing to lose on the glasses.
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    Chip in my iPhone 4 :(

    Ugh...that picture made me feel sick. Hopefully a bumper will cover that. That's why mine is in an OB defender. Not pretty but I have peace of mind.
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    Verizon just got the rights to sell iPhone

    I like that I can actually use my iPhone to make a call in the house. I was lucky to get 1 or 2 bars with my Storm or Incredible. Contract or not I won't go to verizon for the iPhone when mine works just fine on AT&T. And I live within a mile from each tower.
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    iPhone 4 really better?

    The iPhone4 can end world hunger and help promote world peace. Seriously it is an awesome phone, what are you waiting for? You won't be disappointed!