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  1. partizan

    Apple Releases iOS 4.3.4 to Block JailbreakMe Exploit

    Apple has released iOS 4.3.4 to block the exploit used by comex to jailbreak devices on iOS 4.3.3. iOS 4.3.4 Software Update Fixes security vulnerability associated with viewing malicious PDF files. Products compatible with this software update: • iPhone 4 (GSM model) • iPhone 3GS • iPad 2 •...
  2. partizan

    Call Delete

    Hey guys, in case some of you might be interested. There is a new tweak in Cydia called Call Delete. It allows you to delete calls one by one. I bought if for $1.29, and it works as advertized.
  3. partizan

    How to recover lost videos and pics from camera roll?

    Hey guys I need your help. My buddy wanted to update his JB 3GS from 4.1 to 4.3.1. He synced his iPhone with iTunes and had a few family videos and pics in the camera roll. Then he proceeded to do Shift Restore and restored his device to 4.3.1. The problem started when he tried to sync his phone...
  4. partizan

    DETROIT Area Availability

    Hi guys, I live in Toronto, but plan on driving down to Detroit on Sunday and hopefully getting my hands on a couple of iPad 2's (one 64GB WiFi and one 16GB WiFi). Could someone from the Detroit area let me know what the availability is like. I 'll try to hit all four Apple Stores as well as...
  5. partizan

    App Store Icons are a Perfect Square?

    Hi guys, ever since I JB' my iPhone 4 with greenpois0n my App Square icons have all become perfect squares instead of having their corners rounded. Is anyone having the same issue. I tried searching all over the net, but so far no luck. Apple stock icons as well as Cydia icons look normal, slightly...
  6. partizan

    Removing Icon Shadows iOS 4.2.1

    Hi guys, has anyone been able to figure out what files need to be removed/renamed in iOS 4.2.1 in order to get rid of those annoying shadows behind app icons. It looks like Apple has moved some of the files from the folder. Thank you.
  7. partizan

    Battery Drain since Mobile Substrate Update - iPhone 4

    Hi all, has anyone else noticed how fast the battery has been draining since Mobile Substrate was updated last week? I used to go a couple of days without charging, getting an average of 3-4 hours of usage and about 36-48 hours of stand by. I haven't downloaded any new apps since then, and have...
  8. partizan

    Apple Approves Skyfire Browser That Can Play Flash Video

    Apple has approved the Skyfire mobile browser which is capable of playing Flash video. It will be available in the App Store soon. According to CNNMoney, Skyfire will be available for download at 9 a.m. ET on Thursday for $2.99. To get around Apple's restriction, Skyfire came up with an...
  9. partizan

    Changing the Clock and Lock Icons

    Hi guys, wondering if someone can help (John-iphonewarrior, I know you're on a theming mission). I've been trying to change my Default_AlarmClock, FSO_AlarmClock, Lock and FSO_LockIcon, but cannot seem to find the SSH path. It used to be located in the Bundles subfolder of my current theme, but...
  10. partizan

    Multitask Tray Empty/Messages App crashes to Springboard

    Hi guys, I just upgraded my 3GS to 4.0.1 and JB'd. Works very nicely, for most part. A couple of issues I have is that my Multitask Tray is always empty. I double tap the home button, and nothing is displayed in the tray. Also, my messages app - whenever I tap on messages to view all of my...
  11. partizan

    WeatherIcon switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit

    Hi guys, I just checked my 3GS and the WeatherIcon has switched from C to F on it's own. One minute it said 27C, then a few minutes later it said 81F. Not a big dea, but now I have to convert the temp, which is a waster of time. I tried deleting and enabling the app with no luck. I also tried...
  12. partizan

    Intelliscreen Issues (Weather not Available)

    Hi guys, I just updated WeatherIcon in Cydia, but now my weather on my lockscreen is not available. I'm using Intelliscreen. It just says Weather Underground - No Data Available. It worked fine up until I updated WeatherIcon. Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks,
  13. partizan

    PkgBackup Won't Update!

    Is anyone else having this issue? I keep on updating Intelliscreen, but it keeps on asking for an update in Cydia. I tried a soft reset after updating it, with no luck. PS I had the same issue with Inteliscreen a couple of weeks ago, but the issue went away after a day or so. Thanks,
  14. partizan

    Intelliscreen won't update!

    Is anyone else having this issue? I keep on updating Intelliscreen, but it keeps on asking for an update in Cydia. I tried both Cydia and Rock. I even did a reset after updating it, with no luck. Thanks,
  15. partizan

    WhatsApp vs Ping!

    Hi guys, I came across this review on (thanks Gary), if anyone is interested since Ping! is no longer FREE: Why is WhatsApp better than Ping! at the moment? Here’s why: Messages: instantly like a chat; no progress bar watching like Ping! - Ability to update your status; ie...
  16. partizan

    Intelliscreen (Customizing) Sports and News

    Hello EIC, does anyone know how I can customize Sports and News feeds for Intelliscreen. I tried adding in the News tab, I was able to add it and Apply but nothing displays on the screen. Also, is there any way add more options to Sports, other than ESPN ones. I'd like to add...
  17. partizan

    Weather/Stocks/You Tube Not Working

    I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue. My Weather/Stocks and You Tube are not working. Thanks
  18. partizan

    Customize 2.0 on V1 1.1.4 doesn't work

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can help. Ever since firmware 2.0 came out my Customize 2.0 will not let me download any new Themes. Actually, I can download them, they do show up in My Themes, but when I try to change any of the Application Icons, none of the new Themes installed show up. Any...
  19. partizan

    SkrewCommon 1.38 Package Dowload Failed

    Hi guys, is anyone else having problems installing the most recent update for SkrewCommon 1.38. I keep on getting the dreaded "Package Dowload Failed" messages. JB 1.1.4 ZiPhone 3.0 Thanks guys,
  20. partizan

    Installer Updates

    Hi guys, I need a little advice please. I was wondering if there is any way you can delete an item from the "Update" part of the Installer without actually updating it. My issues is with gpsPhone v2.0.0-2. It says there is an update but if I updated it then I get two new updates for v1.5.0. So...