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  1. lionqueen

    HELP, lost iPhone, does Lost Mode work on the 5?

    So... I left my phone in someone's car. He's confirmed it's there, but I don't know him that well. He says he'll bring it to me tonight (he's not in the city right now). There's sensitive info on my phone. I used find my iPhone to find it and put it in lost mode, but then I read if you're not...
  2. lionqueen

    iPad 2 constantly showing location services arrow

    Today when I was using my iPad, I noticed that location services were on - you know, the little arrow up top, next to the battery indicator. I'm used to it only being on when I'm using something that uses it, like the camera, maps, yelp, ect. Long story short, I exited out of every single...
  3. lionqueen

    5:25 am - waiting outside Stonestown

    Fourth time trying, and last time was really aggravating because the security guard screwed things up (long story). Anyway, from what i can tell im about 15th, so im crossing my fingers that ill get lucky this time. Right now im sat on cold concrete playing with my iPhone. Wish me luck?
  4. lionqueen

    Does anyone think a new kindle will be coming out soon?

    I have an ipad (and an iPhone 4), but while i like the ipad for lots of stuff, as an e-reader it comes up short. Its just too heavy to hold while reading, in bed i always find myself propping it up on something after about 15 minutes. The backlit screen can be hard on the eyes after a while...
  5. lionqueen

    List of fullscreen iPad apps?

    When i got my ipad, the only thing that diappointed me was how many of my apps were made for iPhone only, so when the open in ipad, they open at about the size of an iPhone, surrounded by black space. I know you can double the size, but that looks crappy, with pixelated text and edges, and...
  6. lionqueen

    Just got an iPad, but I'm worried

    Should I have waited for the 2nd gen? Are we pretty sure a new one is coming out in April? I'm enjoying it so far- I'd been wanting a Kindle but I like that the iPad can do so much more, and if I turn the brightness down a tad, reading on it is fine and doesn't bother me at all. I just have a...
  7. lionqueen

    Pixelpipe-no multitasking?

    I finally downloaded Pixelpipe and added youtube as a source, and started uploading a video. I then exited the program and went to do something else, and when I came back it had stopped uploading. There's no multitasking support? Or have I configured something wrong?
  8. lionqueen

    Reddish discoloration in pics?

    Im taking my phone to Apple in a few minutes. A lot of my photos, especially when taken in bright sun (but not always) have this weird reddish discoloration in the bottom half to bottom third of the picture. My bfs iPhone 4 pics do not have this. Does anyone else have this on their pics...
  9. lionqueen

    What time does UPS start delivering?

    And yes, of course I've been to the UPS site - it just says if you choose next day air (which is what I believe our phones have), it should get there by 10:30 am. That's great, but I want to know what time to start waiting - I have to go do something today. The earliest I can leave is around...
  10. lionqueen

    Question about activating my phone at home

    I plan to pre-order from the Apple site, and I know that it comes with the sim card and you just plug it into iTunes and it'll be set up and good to go. The thing is, I'm assuming that when you plug it into iTunes it puts everything from your old phone onto your new one, and I don't want to do...
  11. lionqueen

    question about syncing and apps

    I have about 89 apps on my iPhone 3G. Last time (months and months ago) I synced (i had a lot less apps, too), I lost a few apps - I have no idea why. I stopped syncing, cos of that and cos I was in a "not listening to music" phase and I didn't care about putting more music on my phone. Well...
  12. lionqueen

    General question about jailbreaking

    I came pretty close to jailbreaking my phone a few months ago, but in the end decided against it, for now. I think when it's closer to the 4G iPhone being released, I might jailbreak just to check it out and see how it is. I have a question though - the apps you get when you jailbreak are...