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  1. iprincess

    Keyboard Dock vs. Bluetooth Keyboard

    Personally I think it's a little silly to buy the keyboard dock when you can just use a bluetooth keyboard and have more freedom.... then again, Apple isn't exactly advertising this are they?
  2. iprincess

    iPad at the Apple Store. 9:00 a.m. Saturday.

    I just received this email from Apple. No mention of a reservation? I guess I'm surprised as I assumed it would not be available without a reservation until 3pm.
  3. iprincess

    a drawstring sleeve made out of iPhone cloth material?

    i hate all the existing cases and don't think one is necessary for use. however i'd like to keep it in a sleeve made of the material that the iPhone cleaning cloth is made of. something very similar to the ipod sleeve/case that comes with ipods. i think it would be perfect in that cloth...
  4. iprincess

    Any news on wall or car chargers for the iPhone?

    Was just thinking about charging options outside of the dock and wondered if anyone had seen any mention of an official Apple wall or car charger for the iPhone?