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    Report your 1.1.3. jailbreak update here

    I have an OTB 1.1.2 Jailbroke to 1.1.3, but there is no point - i restored abck to 1.1.1 and jailbroke 1.1.2 again. I see no point in having 1.1.3 if the google locate me doesn't work, my 1.1.2 jailbroken does more than 1.1.3 jailbroken
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    so we have 113. now what?

    Flash plzkthx
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    One question before I open my iPhone

    maybe if your emo
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    New iPhone - need suggestions on screen, case, etc.

    i got the black agent 18, and the crystal film from Apple. Would recommend it to anyone!
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    How do you upload your music?

    well, my old ipod version 2 i was able to manually click and drag songs from my library onto the ipod itself. I haven't owned an Apple product since then and i was wondering if its possible to do this with the iPhone. When i try and click and drag from the library to the iPhone, it grey's out...
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    How do you upload your music?

    I have to create a playlist and select that playlist in sync to upload...... is there a way to drag/drop from your "Music" library straight to the iPhone i tunes?
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    Questiong regarding iPhoenringtonemaker files

    for some reason when i upload them to the ringotnes folder via SSH it gives me an error eventually saying its low on disk space, and wont let me upload to that directory. iPhoneringtonemaker makes some new section on the sounds/ringtone menu of the phone that says Customized or something....and...
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    Questiong regarding iPhoenringtonemaker files

    i have been looking for like........45 min now =\ lol
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    Questiong regarding iPhoenringtonemaker files

    Does anyone know where the program puts the ringtones? Like the specific directory on the phone?
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    iPhone in pool

    Figured id share this, friends phone fell in the pool, submerged for about 2 seconds..yes fast reflex's huh? she shaked the hell out of it all worried and worked fine for the most part, there was a straight diagonal line across the screen that was basically water trapped in there...
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    A little help to a new member.

    my phone was 1.1.2 out the box and I followed that threads instructions to jailbreak it
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    ok i wanna do it!

    that much is true, i don't run anything more than simple games, interface changes, and a VNC client to access my PC.. And yes, the program is Oktoprep, couldnt remember for the life of me.
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    ok i wanna do it!

    did the phone come with 1.1.2 outt he box or did you update it? Now that i think about it - you need to downgrade anyway so it doenst matter. Only thing is to jailbreak a 1.1.2 out the box phone you will need to bring it back to 1.1.2 afer its jailbroken, or you wont have phone service. So...
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    What amazes me

    i paid 400 bucks for my phone, it better do more than just surf half the web, make a phone call, and text 1 person at a time. Modding = <3
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    PS1 Emulator Coming to iPhone!

    only emulator that runs decently is NES so far =\ the GBA one is crap imo, the games run like 3 fps, how can you even play that? doubt this one will be any better.
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    i'm just lazy & don't understand..

    Forgot to answer the second part of your question. "Sync" (music, contacts ect) should work perfectly fine via iTunes every time you sync it, without messing with your apps. Jailbreaking the phone makes it act no differently in that regard. The only issue you might have is with ringtones...
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    i'm just lazy & don't understand..

    ive never had 1.0.2, i always had 1.1.1 and then had an OTB (out the box) 1.1.2. My current phone is the otb 1.1.2, and those cant be downgraded due to some weird crap with the modem firmware or something. With that said i believe you can simply "UPDATE", not restore to 1.1.1 firmware by...
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    i'm just lazy & don't understand..

    you need to install community sources via installer, this will add a source to your installer and offer MANY more programs. Also, search the third party applications forums and you will find many programs that are stable and people recommend. To install those they may require you to manually ad...
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    iPhysics: Best cell phone game ever?

    ehh i downloaded it, but whats the point of the game?
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    how long has 1.1.2 been out?

    no idea about unlock but i jailbroke a 1.1.2 phone out of box