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    Facebook fully functional?

    how do i see someones wall or write on it? i cant even see all of someones pics...does anyone know how i can see what events there are or how to even add or delete a friend? it seems to me that this app sucks balls and the webapp is 10000000000000000 times better.
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    successful unlock and mods - AT&T customer!

    i was able to successfuly unlock and mod my iPhone using anySIM, AppTap, and iBrickr. The whole thing was very easy, and I ran into no problems. I tested it with a prepaid tmobile sim card, and everything works like a charm. no more international roaming! those rates were a joke. Now I can...
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    can't connect to iTunes store?

    anyone having problems connecting to the iTunes store through iTunes on a pc or mac? Mine wont connect and gets an unknown error. maybe the update is on the way? at least i hope so..would suck if its just me with this prob...
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    just bought the new iSkin Revo case

    just wanted to let those who are interested know that the new iSkin case for the iPhone was released today...i have no relation to iSKin whatsoever other than that I used there cases for the iPod and they are really good...check it out..
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    Can't add videos?

    i dunno what happened. every time i try to add a video nothing happens. i don't get it. it used to work fine. even drag and drop into iTunes wont work. i saw people having this problem a few days ago, but i can't find the thread. i did a search. can anyone help?
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    Anyone get push Yahoo mail working?

    its not working for me...just checking every 15 min like the other mail. not sure why its not working..anyone got it to work? thanks!
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    push Yahoo mail?

    how do u set up push yahoo mail..its not seeming to just checks every 15 minutes like usual...anyone get it to work?
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    manually manage iPhone

    this option is not showing in my summary tab..what is going on? i can't find out how to manage my music/videos manually...i have way more than 8 gigs..and its copying all my music and some videos..i want to be able to choose what i put on there..any help?
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    For those waiting in lines outside...

    what if its raining on fri....i live in nyc and its supposed to pour in the morning..i think this is a good less people will be inclined to will stop around 2pm i thats a perfect time to go...obviously if its not raining i'll go much earlier..
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    Manhattan - NYC

    Anyone here going early in Manhattan? I'm not really down to stay overnight but will go very early on friday. where is everyone in nyc going? i was thinking AT&T since there are so many around this area and the Apple stores will be a mess...any ideas/suggestions? anyone want to wait together...