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  1. Sanjeev

    Internal Dictionary

    I am trying to access internal dictionary from the different apps and safari.... my oxford dictionary is available any showing but other downloaded dictionaries are not available. Please find enclosed the screenshot. Any help?
  2. Sanjeev

    Shortcuts like Desktop Shortcuts

    Can I create a folder and put shortcuts for the apps, which I use frequently, in it like desktop shortcuts on a computer?
  3. Sanjeev

    Spotlight search

    Can the Siri suggestions while we pull down on the home screen (spotlight search) be increased? I mean currently Siri showing me the 8 suggestions based on my current usage history. But I want Siri to show more of the app suggestions as there is lot of space available when I swipe downwards on...
  4. Sanjeev

    Pin it

    I think a feature should be introduced to pin the apps or files (within apps) in the iOS 10 which you use frequently or on regular basis so that you can reach your favourite apps or files easily. For example To-do list which I use on regular basis in Microsoft OneNote. That will make the...
  5. Sanjeev

    Wrong Siri suggestions

    When I swipe left to see the apps which I have used lately and the calls I have made recently then I observe Siri suggests me those contacts in suggested contacts which I seldom call them. Even the suggested apps are not the one which I frequently use. In iOS 8 it was very precise and to the...
  6. Sanjeev

    Volume pop-up window position

    I think the volume pop up window position which is in the centre of the phone is quite annoying especially when we are watching a video. It obstructs the view of video and we miss a lot for few seconds. My opinion is it should be placed near extreme left corner or extreme right Corner so that...
  7. Sanjeev

    Cellular or mobile data

    I think we should have mobile data or cellular data switch in Control Centre so that we can easily toggle on/off cellular data when needed.
  8. Sanjeev

    Erratic voice of iPhone 5S

    The voice of my iPhone 5S goes down and up again stay down for a while and get normal again. It happens only when I play music or radio apps. Why it is so?
  9. Sanjeev

    iPhone 5S hanging after upgrading to iOS 9

    My iPhone 5S is hanging for many seconds or sometimes 1-3 minutes. It all started happening after I upgraded to iOS 9. It happens especially with Facebook and other apps as well. I have near about 400 apps on my phone. It's my phone is sluggish or there is some problem with iOS 9?? It works...
  10. Sanjeev

    Renaming the photos

    I want to rename the photos in my camera roll so that I can find them later by name. Simple as that. It's always good idea to give your photos a name you like. Can this happen in the coming iOS update?
  11. Sanjeev

    How do I transfer folders and subfolders to my iPhone and PC via WiFi?

    I want to transfer folders and subfolders contained in folders to my iPhone 5S and PC via wifi. Is any good and reliable app out there? I tried My Scan Pro its not good. I already have Air Transfer but it doesn't transfer folders. Any suggestions??
  12. Sanjeev

    How do I edit posts in the iCafe app?

    How can I edit my own post in this forum if I make a mistake? Before it was possible but now I don't find edit option.
  13. Sanjeev

    Calendar Options

    When we need to delete an event which is recurring, there should also be an option to delete all the past events besides option of deleting all the future occurrences of that event in calendar.
  14. Sanjeev

    Only One Close Button

    There should be only one close button or option to close all the open/suspended applications in one go. Closing 20 open applications individually is very tedious process.
  15. Sanjeev

    My expectations from iOS 9

    I have number of things to share about the future OS but for the time being I want to say that it would make Siri powerful tool if "Hey Siri" command is available all the time irrespective of whether it's charging or not.
  16. Sanjeev

    Missing Siri voice

    The Siri voice which was there in iOS7 has been replaced with not very much appealing voice. The voice of UK English Male was very good to interact with but unfortunately it has been taken away by some silly decision by the developers.
  17. Sanjeev

    App Lock

    How can I lock apps? Like my Wahstapp or any other private app so that no one can open my private social apps.
  18. Sanjeev

    When can I download iWork for iOS 7 for free?

    When iWorks will be available on iPhone? Just read it in the news. They are taking, its free for every iPhone and iPad user. Waiting anxiously.... Sent using iCafe app
  19. Sanjeev

    Call filter

    I don't want to attend certain calls or some numbers at certain times but don't want to ignore them altogether. How can I do it WITHOUT JAIL BREAK and without using DO NOT DISTURB FEATURE of my phone? Sent using iCafe app
  20. Sanjeev

    Special email

    Do someone knows any email application in which if you set some alarm for a particular email address and it will alert you when email from that person gets in the inbox? I have Gmail and iMailG applications but they don't do this. :( Sent using iCafe app