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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    I thought that I would get pretty annoyed with the flap... I have the first ivolution case that is open in front, and I love it... I like the look of the flapped cases but have decided to stick with this one D
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    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    one of the big things that I have noticed, is the suppression of att messages for data transactions on a goplan for the moment till we switch to a family plan, so hated everytime i checked mail over edge, i would get a message saying that i had used $0.00 in that transaction and would have to...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    i can definitely feel the vibration while it is on my belt.... and the ring is pretty audible too I didn't go with the covered case so my screen is exposed.. yes it is a touch less protected than onther cases, but i love the look of the phone and it is better than going naked... I have had so...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    My vaja ivolution case in violet arrived last night and i love it... Have had vaja cases in the past for my pdas and have always loved the quality. I do wish that it came out of the case a little easier, but then i wouold worry about it coming out when i didn't want it to. I got the rivet...
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    Gmail Headache

    the problem is in the use recent mode... recent mode downloads the last 30 days worth of email even if another client has downloaded them I have recent mode turned off on my phone so I don't get the replies that i send through gmail.. I enable recent mode on my mac (log in as...
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    iPhone photos and subfolders

    haven't quite found a resolution to this, one way or another. I use aperture to sync my photos to the iPhone. Found out that I had to increase my previes resolution in order to get them over at a decent quality. But is there a way to create subfolders on the iPhone? I have separate travel...
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    Do you use a case?

    naked for me at the moment ordered the vaja ivolution case.. but it takes a month to actually get to you but worth the wait D
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    a way to choose the thumbnail of a phot album?

    I will have to try that... will have to try a number.. i know the image it is choosing has a filename of but***** but there are images that start with a*** so will give it a try this evening thanks!
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    a way to choose the thumbnail of a phot album?

    haven't seen this mentioned, but is there a way to choose the image that is displayed for the individual photo albums? It seems to randomly choose an image that it makes for the album in the list.. thanks Darrin