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    Cancelling AT&T and iPhone

    Hey guys. I want to buy an iPhone using AT&T and then cancel my contract with them in order to use it with Tmobile. I know that if you cancel within 30 days of the activation, the early termination fee is waived. My question is, do you have to return your iPhone if you cancel the AT&T service...
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    iTunes error code 1009! CANT DOWNLOAD APPS!

    Hi. I have an iPod Touch+a Windows Vista computer. I have never had any problems buying anything from iTunes, but since I updated my iPod to the 2.0 software, it is not letting me download any apps and keeps saying cannot process the request, error code 1009. What does this mean? What am I doing...
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    My First College Film

    Hey everybody! Since I am a film major, I thought I should share you my first film for ASU(Arizona State University)...It is a bit freaky and it does have some adult langauge in it. So be warned. Please take a moment to comment on it both on here and on youtube as well. it's only 7 minutes long...
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    iTunes in Coverflow?

    ooo make sure you have the latest version of iTunes...if u can't view it and have the latest verison of iTunes, make sure in top of iTunes, right next to the search bar, there are three tabs and under them its written on the last one and u should be able to view in coverflow.
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    iTunes in Coverflow?

    That is because Coverflow is available only with the new iPod Nano...not with the older version.
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    the SIMpsons

    wow you must've just discovered television to call The Simpsons, a classic, the worst show ever.
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    "Heroes" is this show really THAT good?!

    Coming from a major in Film Production, I can easily say 'Heroes' has amazing writing in it, so definitely recommend it! Some other shows you might want to check out are Grey's Anatomy (with incredible writing), Ugly Betty, and Lost. I can easily say these are some of the best television shows ever.
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    Help me choose. Please.

    Hey everybody! I am having a crisis. I knew I wanted an iPhone when it first came out, but then I stopped drooling because i got busy and then there was the mighty iPod Touch. Then I read some negative aspects of the iPod now i am stuck between the iPhone and the iPod Touch. I have...
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    Major Update instead of $100 back...

    100 bucks is still 100 bucks. yes the money will go back to Apple...but they will also lose a product or two per person per 100 bucks. So they aren't gaining anything...but you are.
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    Steve Jobs Open Letter: Issues $100 "Store Credit" for Early Adopters Steve is giving a $100 rebate to ALL iPhone customers for store credit on any Apple product! I think that is very good of them. Read the entire letter because Apple isn't bad after all (PS I never thought they were bad).
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    $200 cheaper? There has to be a way to get this money back

    You guys need to stop complaining! I know all of you are furious at Apple for doings this, but seriously stop. First of all, it would have happened sooner or later...and its common sense that since the holiday season is emerging, they would do something to get more sales (Price cuts ring a...
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    My iPhone feels cheap now.

    Why would you do that? You can get everything the iPhone has (except Camera and the phone functionality), and double the size of the 8GB iPod (16GB) for the same price...wait also have a Heavy loader monthly fee for AT&T. So yeah, not really the same.
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    8GB or 4GB

    Good idea =) There you go
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    8GB or 4GB

    Which version did you get? 8GB? 4GB? Most of the members seem to have 8GB if they already have their iPhone. any members there that have the 4GB?
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    Buy Online...Now!

    Check it out! You can now buy it online at! I am SOUP'D! I just don't get why the prices are so high on ebay when there doesn't seem to be a quanity problem.
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    Apple stores have tons left...

    Yep. My Apple store said they have ALOT...and the store was PACKED...I left the store at 10:30PM and they had a lot left.
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    using it now

    No actually. I was at the Apple store for the first time when i posted. Well, anyway it is better than I thought and I've been drooling over this piece of technology for months now...and i can say the experience of holding it for the first time is just incredible. The camera quality is AMAZING...
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    using it now

    omg I'm freaking out I'm at the Apple store and its so packed and I'm posting using the iPhone its amazing I can't believe my eyes
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    First iPhone Pics

    OMG luck you!
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    iTunes 7.3

    Is now to have it compatible with your iPhone =)