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  1. Mrallank

    Bad vision

    Good idea, I'll take my puppies for a walk. I was looking for a way to pic them here but I cant
  2. Mrallank

    LifeProof Otterbox

    If OtterBox releases the Armor series water and crush proof case and it is free of problems LifeProof will lose a lot of businesss. They rushed the Fre' case to market way too fast. OtterBox has been working on the Armor series case for several months. LPs last case was great, but they really...
  3. Mrallank

    Bad vision

    I'm getting ready for surgery
  4. Mrallank

    Redneck's Bad Parking Job Thread

    I always park In the lower 40 so I don't get dinged. That way I can park correctly without upsetting some one