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    Custom vibration doesn't work when in SMS app

    So here's the deal. I have a simple custom vibration set up, because I hate the loud default vibration. It works perfect. But, when I'm IN the text message app, going back and forth texting someone, the custom vibration doesn't apply. It does the loud default one. If I close the app, or if...
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    After market accessories (Lightning)

    I'm about to just say forget it and order the $19 cable from Apple. Unbelievable that they can get away with highway robbery like this
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    After market accessories (Lightning)

    Does anybody know of any particular brands of after market accessories that are legit and won't destroy the iPhone? I'm getting the iPhone 5 delivered this week and need 2-3 chargers. I can't fathom that Apple is asking for 19 dollars for a lightning USB wire. I bought aftermarket equipment on...
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    Dropped my iPhone 4s

    So I dropped my 4s today. I purchased it from the AT&T store on november 4th. I cracked the whole back of the phone- the front isn't harmed at all. What are my options here? Can i just go in there and get a new one since its only been 12 days since I got it? Will they charge me a lot to fix it...
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    AT&T is crazy....

    They pretty much told me that the reason it was pushed back was because I didn't pay my bill on time. Which I didn't do ONCE. The guy at the score was really really cool though and straight up told me that I can end my contract for $65 and sign a new contract with a new number and get the iPhone...
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    AT&T is crazy....

    Contract end date 12/28/2011
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    AT&T is crazy....

    I was with my brother on one account. He failed to pay the bill like 4-5 times and as a result our service got cut off every time, but he did end up paying them. I think this is why they made the date so late. HOWEVER, I just recently (last week or so) branched off into my own account now under...
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    AT&T is crazy....

    So I have a plan with AT&T in which the contract ends on 12/28/11, and the text message I get for eligibility options tells me I'm eligible for a 4S upgrade on 4/30/2012. How does this make any sense? Has this situation happened to anyone else?
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    Two problems with jailbroken 4.3.2

    Hey guys, I used to have 4.0.1 on my iPhone for a long time. I updated to 4.3.2, then I downloaded the 4.3.2 IPSW and just used redsn0w to jailbreak my phone. Everything seemed fine except for two problems: 1. Everytime I try to go into cydia I get a "'unable to parse package file" in red...
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    Jailbreak on 4.3.2 from an earlier firmware?

    Hello, I was on 4.0.1 for a very long time because I didn't want to go through the hassle of jailbreaking. Today I updated to 4.3.2 via iTunes and now I realize that there's no direct jailbreak. Is there any way I can still jailbreak even though I never had 4.3.1?
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    Win the iPhone 4

    Hope I win the iPhone 4!
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    iRealSMS problems

    I downloaded it, and while I absolutely love the quickreply features that I can do from anywhere, it is annoying the crap out of me. Soemtimes, it will randomly decide to pop up text messages from earlier in the day. So I'll be on an app doiing whatever, and in succession about 7-8 text messages...
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    How can I unlock my 3G iPhone and have it work on T-Mobile?

    Restore the phone using iTunes. Then download blackra1n at Folks the instructions, it's very simple. Once you are down, go into the blaCkra1n app on your phone Nd download "SNOW". Follow the instructions and your iPhone 3G will be unlocked
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    Jailbroken phone keep crashing

    Holy ****, I just made a thread about the exact same problem. It's annoying as hell isn't it?
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    3GS jailbreak problems

    Ok so I just got a 3GS. I jailbroke with blackra1n, everything is good. Then I went into cydia and downloaded sbsettings. After it downloaded, on the bottom it said reboot device. Once I did that, I'm stuck at the Apple logo with iTunes thing. Why is this happening? Happened twice already. This...
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    How to unlock 2G on 3.2.1?

    Sorry, but you're still not answering my question :dft006:unhappy Before I flash, should I CHECK the "NEUTER" and the "UNLOCK" icons and then press flash? Which should be off and which should be on? Please clarify that for me!
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    How to unlock 2G on 3.2.1?

    Should I click neuter first though? I'm sorry but you gotta tell me exactly what to do. When I hit flash it said "no need to flash!" What do i need to check, uncheck? I have the FIRST iPhone with the silver back on 3.2.1
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    How to unlock 2G on 3.2.1?

    Anyone? I don't know how to use boot neuter...
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    How to unlock 2G on 3.2.1?

    There's nothing there. on my personal 3G theres a line after bluetooth that says IMEI, ICCID, Modem firmware, but on my 2G that I wanna unlock, the last line is "Bluetooth"
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    How to unlock 2G on 3.2.1?

    That's the thing. it has no instructions. Can anybody here possibly tell me step by step how to use it? :(