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    Document Viewer

    txt. and doc. would be a must if they want to be competitive with the businesss world.
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    Better than any other phone?

    There are those that will rush right out and purchase the phone, use it and find all of the functionality issues when faced with their real life usage. Others will wait until the bugs are worked out, features are added and the supply/demand has leveled out. It all comes down to research...
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    iPhone to sport a nearly indestructible screen lens...

    CZ would definitely be an improvement. I baby my Treo and it still doesn't perform as I feel it should for the price I paid for the thing. Sounds like iPhone has everything that it should for the price point!
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    switching networks

    No doubt! Same here... a long time Verizon customer. Any chance other carriers will be able to service iPhone users after release? I know Treo users were limitied to a couple of carriers when it was first released as well. I have heard from some "in the businesss" that there are ways to get...
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    WiFi hotspots

    data plans are not cheap... would be nice to have an alternative even part of the time.. I pay $44.99 for unlimited with Verizon on my Treo currently... Would love a better phone with a lower price data plan.
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    iPhone introduction by Steve Jobs

    now that's creative!
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    Cost of iPhone service?

    Yikes! $20 is a gift folks... I pay $44.99 for my Treo on Verizon.... that is for unlimited data... but if I exceed text messages they charge extra.. go figure!
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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    Everything eventually comes down in price... More a question of how long you want to wait to get your iPhone. Technology changes so fast and there are bound to be many upgrades and improvements after its release date. Treo has come down in price only slightly and for that you generally have to...
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    How did you find EverythingiPhone

    Through everything treo of course!
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    pre-launch discount

    nice! Thanks!