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    Business phone @ Apple store? Help please.

    if you do want to buy at an Apple store- you have to call AT&T and have them suspend the discount. this takes about 4 hours to show up on their computers. but the discount WILL make it so you can't buy it at Apple unless it's gone. keep that in mind. otherwise, you can buy it at an AT&T store...
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    haha I just really want someone else to get her so I'm not alone anymore :-/
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    haha so security kicked me put f the warm mall. Still the only one out here in the cuse. My 5th Gen iPod just died. :-( got the MBP bit I wanna save it. We'll see who ends up joining me eventually...
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    Everybody currently waiting on a line chime in where you are and what place in line

    oh baby. Number one at syracuse, ny at the carousel mall! I got here around midnight
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    line up times?`

    i need to call my mall and ask what time they'll LET me get in there to get in line. im more than ready to be there fom midnight on....but we'll see
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    line up times?`

    hey all, since the iPhone 3G doesn't go on sale at 6pm like last year, what time do you all plan on getting in line for it? i'm sure times will vary depending if you've got a stand alone store, or a mall. mine's in a mall, so i need to figure out what time i can get in line. what about you?
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    What I would like to see on texting next upgrade..

    you already can mass text. if you've got the 1.1.4 update you just keep typing names and send out mass texts.
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    Samsung Glyde Lastest iPhone Copycat

    there's even only one button, ironically, there's a picture of a HOUSE on it...home button? haha
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    iPhone Stolen

    honestly, probably not. call at+t and report your phone as stolen, so they can shut off your service. get yourself a new phone, buddy...that sucks, im sorry.
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    Charger Fried my iPhone. How do I get a replacement?

    It probably has something to do with the fact that the US and the UK are on different power types, i believe? That might be the cause of your woes.
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    Typing "you're" on iPhone.

    how are you on 1.1.3? I'm assuming that was a typo... And it happens to me, I'm stock 1.1.2, and even if I reset the keyboard dictionary, it still happens.
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    1.1.3 release?

    geezus christ people. Apple has said that there will be an SDK for the iPhone. Was the distribution of applications EVER discussed? Has a pricing model (if any) EVER been discussed? ***** about it when we've got info from Apple.
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    iPhone "Dead Strip" important for new buyers

    i had that issue, actually. the row on the screen that covers the top row of the keyboard suddenly stopped working. But i went into my Apple store, and they handed me a new one! so, even if that happens to you, don't worry about it.
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    iPhone in pool

    i do.... i work in a restaurant, and we're obviously told not be using our cell phones at work. but since in my downtime, a nice text message now and then, or a check of the weather comes in handy, i keep it in my pocket. I was bussing a table, when the tray tipped and water spilled allllllll...
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    iPhone compatibility

    yes, in most cases they can be stolen. but the real risk lies in what do you do if/when something goes wrong. search around the forum, there's a thread about a guy who bought his iPhone from ebay, activated legit on AT&T and AT&T is screwing him up the ass at the moment. buy it legit unlocked...
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    can i do this?

    that's not how it works, at all. existing AT&T cusomters only pay $20 MORE on top of their current plan. ...not just flat $20 a month.
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    Verizon to switch to GSM? i found that on CNET- it was interesting to read, that over the coming years, Verizon might switch to GSM technology (the stuff inside the iPhone...) this could mean possibly (read: VERY UNLIKELY) that future versions of the...
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    iPhone data plan question.

    you can't even drop the data plan, anymore. so, whatever... AT&T won't let you take it off your bill, so you only have the option of getting unlimited data, which is what you need, in my opinion, anyway.
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    iPhone on Verizon's network?

    true, verizon is allowing all CDMA phones on their networks. only if they meet a magical "minium requirement" but, only CDMA phones. They can't just randomly allow phones that aren't CDMA technology on their network, because that's not the technology that it works on.
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    Jailbreak 1.1.2.?

    haha. i realized how dumb i was when i was trying to re-jailbreak my phone after i had jailbroken 1.1.1 and upgraded. I had gone to and done the whole shebang with the TIFF exploit on 1.1.1, and even installed oktoprep on it before i upgraded. Then, as soon as a method was...