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    line up times?`

    hey all, since the iPhone 3G doesn't go on sale at 6pm like last year, what time do you all plan on getting in line for it? i'm sure times will vary depending if you've got a stand alone store, or a mall. mine's in a mall, so i need to figure out what time i can get in line. what about you?
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    Verizon to switch to GSM? i found that on CNET- it was interesting to read, that over the coming years, Verizon might switch to GSM technology (the stuff inside the iPhone...) this could mean possibly (read: VERY UNLIKELY) that future versions of the...
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    the LG Voyage, iPhone copy?

    has anyone seen this? it's even got the same style/layout of the buttons on the bottom... gah. be original people, Apple was!
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    the best way to jailbreak your iPhone and install it uses the TIFF exploit to jailbreak the phone and install, then is blocks the TIFF exploit that it uses to jailbreak your phone in the firstplace... this thing is great.
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    anything iPhone related in Leopard?

    I've got an older G4 iMac, so Leopard wouldn't run all that well on my machine.... So, for all you people out there with shiny new Macs, is there anything good in OS X 10.5 relating to our favorite device?
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    confirmed. iPhone sold at

    guys, on when you're watching the new guided tour, look at the bottom right... you'll see this image:
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    iPhone video at