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  1. Jarred

    Bookbook for iPhone 5

    Hey guys, had my BookBook for the iPhone 5 arrive today so I've snapped a few pics and will pass on my thoughts. If you've had the BookBook for the iPhone 4/4S then you'll notice a couple of changes. The first one is how the phone is held in the case, instead of the little bookmark style strap...
  2. Jarred


    Hey all, was over in the UK the past 3 weeks - have been aching to share this pic since I got it! Will post some of the shots I got in the museums at some point too. Stonehenge by GSRWRC, on Flickr
  3. Jarred

    Hampton Downs 12hr Enduro

    Hey guys. Took my trusty Canon up to a local circuit here in NZ for a 12 hour race they held. Unfortunately I missed the first half where the field was a bit larger (they were also running 1, 3 and 6 hour classes from memory) so it's mainly just Porsche Cup cars. Just adding a couple of my...