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    7 Confessions of a Cingular Sales Rep (or how to get an iPhone for less $$$)

    In case you missed it I thought I should point out this thread over at the consumerist where a former Cingular (AT&T) customer service rep explains all the details on how to save the most money when obtaining new service or extending the service you got.
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    iPhone compatible with Hi-Fi?

    I'm not sure, the iPhone looked a lot bigger than the widest iPod I've seen. I might be wrong about that but I imagine they'll have to come out with a new iPhone adaptor or a new standard size for all the speaker systems to start using now.
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    stockholders: eco-vote at annual meeting may 10

    Shareholders' (Jobs, Gore, and many others) interest is to increase shareholder value by increasing the stock price. One way might be to change their businesss practices to make their products be perceived as more eco-friendly. One way might be to keep their company from being used as a pawn...
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    Upgrade iCal

    How would you make Address Book better. I think it's flawless. I used it completely for syncing to my RAZR and keeping track of all of my contacts.
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    iPhone radio

    Who needs Sirius when you have gigs of your own music collection ready to sync up. I'd rather have automatically downloaded podcasts/vodcasts to watch/listen to without having to manually sync with my computer.
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    Turn the iPhone into a scanner

    While maybe a good idea, (I don't think I'd use it but...) it might just be one of those ideas that is too hard to implument in such a way that the consumer would find it easy. If Apple cannot make it simple for the user, they will not do it.
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    iPhone v2.0 wish list

    I don't need GPS, but am pretty sure that both a better battery and more memory will be an absolute necessity. I don't care how long the battery lasts in this first generation, it will not last long enough. My brand new iPod can barely make it through a movie. That just isn't going to cut it...
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    Interesting Job Ad from Apple

    That should be added to every job posting everywhere though these days...
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    Should I wait until "iPhone 1.1" ?

    I too bought one of the first generation iPods. While not nearly as cool, as small, as cheap, etc as the versions that came out after it, it still works fine and I never had any problems. A first generation computer (Intel switch?), I'd take a pass on but with the iPhone... I wouldn't worry...