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    iPhone 4 AT&T Unlimited text extra charges with AIM?

    Hi I have a friend msg me from AIM and I have AT&T unlimited txt plan am I going to get charged extra for texting to weird AIM number, I would hope not but would guess so? :-/
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    Staying logged in @ EIC battery drain?

    Hey all, I noticed that if I forget to logout here my battery drains a bit like 10%-20% more than avg w a 2 hr less bat charge. Am I crazy? ( I know what you wise guys and gals will say lol ;)
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    How many people have replaced the 3GS glass themselves

    Is it worth it to try n get the replacement glass for the 3GS if digitizer works? and on scale from one to ten how difficult, it looks like it could from a 4 or 6 to an 8 depending on the glue and glass issues watching tutorials. I'm asking for a friend of mine who has 3G tape on their 3GS :-o
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    How to copy links from one Safari/YouTube page to another

    Or does this option not exist. I tried copying youtube link from YouTube page to safari n the copy got lost in cache between apps safari to YouTube is fine hot linked but vice versa w/o hot link the link copy gets lost. Looked for firefox browser app to no avail