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  1. Get_Zwole

    Replacement back glass.

    Long story short phone was accidentally knocked out of my hand and my back glass is shattered. Thankfully the aluminum and screen are perfect still. The 30 dollar battery covers that they call them will these work? Or do I need to shell out 150 or so for the bezel one on here? Anybody use one of...
  2. Get_Zwole

    So 3GS on 3.1.3 is unlockable completely?

    My phone locked up on me like 3 weeks ago and i couldnt get it on or anything so i had to restore, i tried to download some firmware that would work with an unlock but my computer started messing up. Well i accidentally upgraded to the 3.1.3 stock fw so now i cant unlock correct? I wanna sell it...
  3. Get_Zwole

    Get uncommon case cutomized....

    Hey guys figured i would post a thread to share my experience thus far and i will update it tomorrow. I ordered a custom case from on wednesday morning it shipped out by noon, crazy fast and its a custom design as well. Gonna be here in the morning by ups tracking so ill post...
  4. Get_Zwole

    Getting SMS tones to work from Cydia?

    Hey guys been trying to get the mail mutha$$%$ from eurotrip as my sms tone from cydia for the past two days and ive tried downloading 3 different ones and then checking them in winterboard but none of them replace the current tritones. Am i doing something wrong or does 3.0 just not support...
  5. Get_Zwole

    is there an app that lets you rearrange appicons however you want?

    Hey guys just curious if anyone knew of an app on cydia that let you put say 4 on the right side and 4 on the left? or would that have to be completely custom theme? If so i wont worry about it not that smart with computers.
  6. Get_Zwole

    Usage data on settings not working now?

    My 3g[S] is jailbroken now though i don't see why that would matter. The last two nights ive charged it fully and the next days it wont record my usage. Its always done it fine in the past. It just has a - on both of them standby and usage. I thought maybe it was my charger i used the wall...
  7. Get_Zwole

    What do you guys use for converting flac to mp3 or other?

    Hey guys my dbpoweramp trial just expired and i don't have much extra cashflow right now, anyone know of a good converter that will convert flac to mp3 lame etc for free? thanks.
  8. Get_Zwole

    Making ringtones same for 3G S as 3G?

    I tried to make a ringtone last night same way i did on the v1, and the same way they say works with the 3g. I got it into the ringtone folder synced up and it wont come up on my iPhone? using this video as a guide, is there not a way for the 3g s yet or am i missing a step?
  9. Get_Zwole

    Anybody else buy the 16gb and wish for 32?

    I bought the 16 and didn't think i would run out of space well 2nd day owning it and ive already got 6gb's used up, still have quite a bit of music to put on it etc. Kinda wish i would have thrown another hundred at it for the 32. Anybody else regret just getting the 16?
  10. Get_Zwole

    Best way of the two to upgrade for cheaper?

    Ok guys i don't qualify for an upgrade yet, i have 3 months until i do. I sold my nokia n95 so im gonna get a 3g s. Im thinking of two options go in and pay the early termination fee, my buddy said at 21 months it should be around 70 bucks, start a new line and get the new phone cost so ill get...