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  1. bsharp

    Win the Verizon iPhone from everythingiCafe

    I've been looking forward to the Verizon iPhone for a couple of years. I'm ready to cut my ties with AT&T, and give the other guy a shot.
  2. bsharp

    What Kind of iPad Case Are You Getting?

    That's nice, but a bit too thick. I know I'm being picky, but just give me the Apple case with a pouch on the back to tuck the keyboard in. Then, I can walk into Starbucks, take out the iPad and the keyboard and type, without feeling like I'm lugging a backpack or briefcase with me. But, I'm...
  3. bsharp

    What Kind of iPad Case Are You Getting?

    I have the Apple case, but I have one complaint - You cannot use the iPad dock with the Apple case. I'm sure that also goes for the iPad keyboard/dock combo. Having said that, the case I would really like would include a pouch for the Apple bluetooth keyboard. That would be cool.
  4. bsharp

    Apple is being stupid

    It could be that AT&T is not ready for more G3 service, and Apple is holding out until they get their act together.
  5. bsharp

    Which iPad word processing app has Word notebook layout?

    However, if you change fonts or font size, that may distort your document.
  6. bsharp

    Video-Out Discovery - Try this at your own risk!

    WARNING" I don't know how this will affect your iPad. Does anyone have any idea? To me, the video out adapter for the iPad (SVGA) is a pain. I don't know if anyone makes an adapter from SVGA to component or composite video or even HDMI, for that matter. SO... I took my iPad and used the...
  7. bsharp

    iPad Case "Pick To Win" Giveaway

    May I please have the official Apple iPad Case? I've been good.
  8. bsharp

    Have you allotted the whole day for the iPad?

    Take the day off? Why not take the whole week? I'm heading to Mexico after I pick up my iPad which is reserved at the Apple Store. Can't wait.
  9. bsharp

    Will Composite or Component video cables work?

    I know the iPad will have video-out, but will the composite/component video cables for the iPhone work on the iPad, or are we going to have to purchase another $50 cable to view through a TV/external device? My guess is another cable because the voltage on the iPad power plug is 10 volts...
  10. bsharp

    Reading without Glasses!

    Thank you! The "how to" videos also show that you can select font and font size. Wooohooo.
  11. bsharp

    The iPad at work, how would you use it?

    Doug, I think the multitasking will come around eventually. The ability is there, now. Apple is just being very cautious. It really depends on you and your situation. I'm hoping I can retire my 2004 12" MacBook pro, and use my iPad and my iMac (and iPhone, of course).
  12. bsharp

    What Kind of iPad Case Are You Getting?

    I heard it was unobtanium.
  13. bsharp

    Will size of video files be different?

    Currently, a typical movie takes about 1 gig of memory on my iPhone. I thought I had heard that the iPad screen resolution was higher than the iPhone. Will movie files on the iPad be different (due to higher resolution) or the same?
  14. bsharp

    iPad compatibility with Pioneer AVIC-F90BT

    The Apple site says that the iPad uses a 10 watt charger. I believe the iPhone, on the other hand, uses a 6 watt charger. I don't think you want to try to use a 6 watt charger with the iPad.
  15. bsharp

    how to get onto web pages - web browsing

    Touch the Safari icon (it has a compass on it) and it will open the browser. Type the url of the web site you want to view in the box at the top of the screen.
  16. bsharp

    The iPad at work, how would you use it?

    As I understand it, the iPad notebook/case that Apple sells also serves as a stand. Regardless, I will use the keyboard on a table. I'd prop up the iPad (like a monitor) and place the keyboard in front of it, like a traditional computer. I don't envision using both on my lap. In the places...
  17. bsharp

    Are Steve's models jailbroken?

    I don't think it will be that difficult. Keynote imports Powerpoint slides. And, it offers slicker backgrounds (imho). Besides, I look forward to carrying my iPad into class instead of my 5 pound MacBook Pro. That will be great.
  18. bsharp

    File storage options

    One other option, if you have wi-fi, is to save the file to an internet site. I plan to use my address for backups. Then, I can access that site for transferring files to and from my desktop. My wish - I'd love to see 'Scrivener' (a Mac-only writing tool) for the iPad. Much of my work...
  19. bsharp

    The iPad at work, how would you use it?

    I'm a freelance writer. I plan to use my iPad to edit the work I write on my desktop. Often, I print out a copy of a piece I'm working on and carry that with me so I can scribble a few comments when I get a break. I think the iPad will allow me to make the changes directly in the document and...
  20. bsharp

    Possible flash insight?

    I wish the iPad had flash. I don't want it for games or even videos I'm an adjunct professor, and the elearning program my school uses requires Flash. When I log in to class on my iPhone, I just see the lego building block image. If anyone knows of a work-around for this, I'm all ears!