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  1. Get_Zwole

    Which New iPhone Are You Buying?

    Silver/white 16gb most likely still the best looking to me. Girlfriend switching to AT&T so I'm taking her upgrade she gets my like new 5. Next year my mom who is also on my plan will be eligible so ill get her 6 and pass down the others. They are not as hip on technology as I am so they are...
  2. Get_Zwole

    Are you getting the 5S, or waiting for the 6?

    Moving my girlfriend over to my plan so ill take her upgrade, and she gets my like new 5. Save us money on the bills and I get a new iPhone out of it, win win. Sent using iCafe app
  3. Get_Zwole

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    Now that I know the lifeproof nuud won't have a screen cover I'm gonna try and snag one that is too cool. Waterproof but not restrictive to the screen. Sent using iCafe app
  4. Get_Zwole

    Lifeproof case

    Wow that is tempting for me now. I stayed away from the original just because of the water marking and harder to touch screen protector. Now that it's the bare screen I definitely think I wanna try and get one. Thanks for the video link. Sent using iCafe app
  5. Get_Zwole

    Song of the Day

    One of my favorites. Sent using iCafe app
  6. Get_Zwole

    Do you want a bigger iPhone?

    4.3 or 4.5 would be ok for me. I think 5" is too big for a phone I came from the htc one x back to the iPhone 5 and I'm not missing the 4.7 screen at all. Sent using iCafe app
  7. Get_Zwole

    Improved battery life in iOS 6.1

    I don't use crazy heavy but when I plug in the charger at night it's normally 4.5 ish hours of use and 9 hours standby and normally I'm at 45% or so. I'm super stoked about the batter life my htc with this much use would be dead an hour before I get off work. I would say two of the hours of use...
  8. Get_Zwole

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    Naked as always. Sent using iCafe app
  9. Get_Zwole

    Buy iPhone now or wait

    Ya know I have not given that a lot of thought. I know my warranty was up about 20 days ago. Do you think HTC will replace it even though its out of warranty? If so heck yeah I would love to get a new one and keep it for a backup or sell it to pay for the iPhone. I may have to give them a call...
  10. Get_Zwole

    Buy iPhone now or wait

    My iPhone 5 in white will be here tomorrow. My HTC one x crapped out yesterday screen wouldn't come on at all. ATT thinks my screen died out, being that I work for a contractor of ATT I was able to smooth talk a credit to offset the no upgrade, not to mention 3 lines since 2007 and Uverse for...
  11. Get_Zwole

    High quality headphones for iPhone

    What is your budget? My favorite for movies have been the westone w3's they are get but pricey normally over 300 bucks. I use custom quad driver headphones now for music and love them though they were even higher. A great cheaper headphone is the nuforce ne 6 or 7 7 just has the microphone can...
  12. Get_Zwole

    Replacement back glass.

    Well when they say bezel on those descriptions does it mean the stainless one that goes all around the phone? i though maybe it was something that was under the glass. My bezel on the outside is still flawless pretty much i don't see how after that though but im happy about it. I guess im just...
  13. Get_Zwole

    Replacement back glass.

    I don't really see anything as far as price or anything on that link? thanks man ill look into making an appointment with them. anybody else have any thoughts on the cheaper ones i posted?
  14. Get_Zwole

    Replacement back glass.

    bump anyone?
  15. Get_Zwole

    Replacement back glass.

    Long story short phone was accidentally knocked out of my hand and my back glass is shattered. Thankfully the aluminum and screen are perfect still. The 30 dollar battery covers that they call them will these work? Or do I need to shell out 150 or so for the bezel one on here? Anybody use one of...
  16. Get_Zwole

    Damn just ordered my free case from Apple

    ordered the black bumper on friday night and they say it wont ship until august 30th why even give me one? ill have another one by then since i cant go without one for that long.
  17. Get_Zwole

    With the free case choices which ONE?

    Just got the app so I guess we can't choose colors for the bumper? I really wanted a white one :(
  18. Get_Zwole

    Do you really need 32 gb?

    mostly music have 22 gigs of digital music that i carry with me all the time. I also have over 700 bucks invested in my portable headphone rig so i want all my music i can carry at a time with me. Also ill put movies on this one etc. I was hoping they would come out with a 64gig actually to fit...
  19. Get_Zwole

    List all new features you found on your new iPhone...

    Seems like when scrolling a really long page on Safari that the scroll down to the bottom is much faster I was very happy about that less scrolling. All forums I'm on I have set up for most posts on a page possible so it helps a lot.
  20. Get_Zwole

    Do you prefer the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 3GS

    iPhone 4 over 3gs not just yes but hell yes