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    Just picked up a white bumper at the Apple Store, now I need a charger

    audio cord. I really like the bumper (way overpriced) but even though my 3GS had an Agent 18 case on it my charger and aux cord worked with it. This bumper won't let either of them plug in. Any suggestions on what will work? I'm annoyed I have to spend more money now... The good news it the...
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    So my reception for phone calls is fine...but my data loads so slooooooow?

    I'm in my office running on 3G...I have my phone just sitting in on my desk (I'm not even touching it) and I keep getting "Time-Out" errors. Never had any problem like this with my 3GS phone. As for phone calls I haven't really had any problems. Anyone else getting slower than usual data loads?
  3. J

    I have a phone call in my "Recents" timestamped 12/11/2013?

    How does this happen? And how do I erase this one call w/o clearing all of my "Recents", this call is always at the top of the list?
  4. J

    Headphone Jack Adapter?

    I see the Apple online store has a couple of options, but neither of them look great. Anyone find a good adapter anywhere? I'm tired of using my iPod in my car and office and would like to just use my iPhone some of the time.
  5. J

    iPod problem caused by iPhone

    I got a Ford Edge early this year, which has been great since it has a direct audio line into the Navigation System/Radio. I went to Best Buy and got a cord that is iPod compatible to plug into the jack in the car. Well after I got my iPhone I tried to plug it the cord into the iPhone jack...
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    Anyone know how to change cities in the Weather section? I can only see Cupertino and New York City?
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    Can't load content onto iPhone?

    My phone is connected to iTunes...but I can't drag any songs or movies to it?