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  1. michael180

    Can't sync audiobooks . . .

    I have an iPad Mini 4, and I'm trying to sync up my audiobooks. But I can't! When I hit the sync button, it says it's looking for the items to sync, and then drops me out. No sync. Any suggestions? Forget it, it finally started to sync. Thanks anyway . . .
  2. michael180

    Audiobooks gone after updating to iOS 9

    I just updated to iOS9, and went into Music, and I can't find the Audiobooks tab. Any suggestions?
  3. michael180

    iPhone 6s iPhone 6S 64GB vs 128GB: Which should I order?

    I ordered a 6S for pickup at the local Apple store. When I was reviewing my reservation I noticed that I mistakenly ordere the 64gig, I meant to order the 128gig. And I can't undo it. With all that happening with iCloud. I'm wondering if I even need the 128. Any comments?
  4. michael180

    Battery suddenly drains on iPhone 6

    All of a sudden the battery in my 6 drains within an hour or so. I have nothing running in the background. But if I listen to a few songs, or iHeart radio, the battery empties within an hour or so. It just started happening. Any suggestions?
  5. michael180

    Both 6 and 6+ . . .

    I've heard that it's possible to have both a 6, and 6+ on the same account. This does not sound correct. Had anybody else heard anything like this?
  6. michael180

    How do I find IP host to SSH into my account?

    I would like to SSH into my account via RBrowser. But I need the IP address of the host. How can I find that?
  7. michael180

    Netflix update . . .

    Can somebody tell me why the new Netflix update looks so gorgeous on my iPhone 6, and so ugly on my iPad Mini with retina? It looks at though I'm watching old VHS tapes, not even as good as Beta!
  8. michael180

    SBSettings for iOS8

    Is there a Cydia SBSettings app that will work with iOS8?
  9. michael180

    Reflective dock for iOS8

    Has any body found a Cydia app that will reflect the icons in the doc for iOS8?
  10. michael180

    No Dock for iOS8 . . .

    I've tried several "no doc" apps from Cydia, but I cannot seem to find one that works for iOS 8. Any suggestions?
  11. michael180

    Wi Fi signal indicator . . .

    My iPhone 6 show's a number for the strength of the wifi signal. How do I change the number to the pie type indicator?
  12. michael180

    Mini 2 vs. Mini 3

    I have an iPad mini 2, and am wondering if there is a valid reason to upgrade to mini 3. The only thing that's new is the touch ID. Any comments?
  13. michael180

    What is this pop-up that says Shake to Screenshot?

    How do I get rid this? All of a sudden it shows up my phone. Any suggestions?
  14. michael180

    iPhone 6 won't sync since upgrading to Yosemite

    All of a sudden I cannot sync my iPhone 6. I've installed Yosemite, and iOS 8.1. Any suggestions?
  15. michael180

    iPhone 6 Gets Hot

    My 6 seems to get very hot. Anybody else.
  16. michael180

    iTunes won't update . . .

    I've downloaded iTunes 11.4 from the App store. I can see the download progress and finish, but when I go to "About iTunes", it still shows version 11.3.1. I've rebooted, but it doesn't seem to see the new version. Any suggestions?
  17. michael180

    Sync problem with 5S

    I listen to many audiobooks on my 5S. I have iTunes 11.3 on my Mac. Lately I've noticed that when I add or remove audiobooks, that I can add them, but when I un-check the books I've listened to, thay are not removed. I can't restore, because iTunes says there is not enough room on the device...
  18. michael180

    No luck with pangu 1.1.0

    I can't get the pangu jailbreak to work on my 5S,7.1.2 (11D257). I fellow the directions, it finds my phone, tells me to push the Pangu icon, it continues but then the phone re-boots with no jailbreak. Am I missing something? Thanks . . .
  19. michael180

    Where are the backups?

    I'm on a Mac. I am wondering where, what folder includes the backups for my 5S. Any suggestions?
  20. michael180

    Pop-up iAds

    I just downloaded the new iCafe app, lured by the updated design for iOS7. Is there a way to get rid of those ugly iAds that keep popping up? I would pay for it. The article describing the new app shows it without the ugly iAds. Any suggestions?