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  1. Zanthe

    iPhone X Who uses Apple Pay? I'm confused.

    So I don't get Apple Pay. I have the iPhone X and thought I'd give it a shot. Can anybody walk me through this? I see you have to put a CC in your "wallet". Then will double clicking the side button bring up Apple Pay? Right now it just turns off the phone maybe because I don't have a CC in my...
  2. Zanthe

    iPhone 7 iPhone 7 home button

    So with the iP7 and iOS 10 will you have to use the Touch ID print or have a pass code to make it work? Right now I have neither but since there will be no slide to open I'm not sure what will be 'required'.
  3. Zanthe

    Bluetooth and 9.1 What's with this?

    So I upgraded to iOS 9.1 and now every time I make a call from my phone in my car it comes up with the screen in the attachment while it trying to connect the call. Is this normal? Why is it doing this? Once the call connects it disappears. Never did that before. Annoying.
  4. Zanthe

    iPhone 6s Enjoy... a new service!!!!

    Friend of mine in the Bay Area decided to come back from the Dark Side and get a new iPhone. He told me about this new service from Enjoy. the heck can they do this? They come to your home with your new phone, set it up and answer any questions you have FREE? Plus they will transfer...
  5. Zanthe

    What do these rating numbers mean?

    So there are conflicting numbers on your profile and the user block... See attachments...what is the difference? What does the 264 represent? Are those just "likes" and the 379 are all ratings received? Not a big deal just curious. :(
  6. Zanthe

    People can't hear me but I can hear them!

    More problems with my iPhone 6. First it was the phone not ringing. That seems to have cleared up with a restart of my AT&T MicroCell. Maybe just a coincidence I don't know. Recently within the last two weeks or so I have been having problems with making calls on my iP6 and people on the...
  7. Zanthe

    What's with the GIANT font size?

    Why do we have to have such a large front all of a sudden? Horse type -- no bueno!
  8. Zanthe

    Now you can Deregister iMessage

    Apple finally has a fix for people moving from iPhone to another platform and deregistering iMessage. I know many were frustrated with this issue...
  9. Zanthe

    Does your home button make audible clicking sound?

    Seems to me my home button makes an unusual audible "click". Is this normal? Sometimes if I push the home button on the side it's almost silent. A normal press in the center produces a louder "click". Don't remember this on my iP5 but then could just be me being paranoid.
  10. Zanthe

    Some fonts larger in some apps?

    I got my new iPhone 6 (4.7) all set up and everything is working GREAT. :D One question about font size. I noticed right away that the fonts seem to be larger in some cases ... like in some other apps. My ToDo app comes to mind. Is that just because the phone is larger? Or is it a master of an...
  11. Zanthe

    My iPhone 5 and iMessage

    So a couple of my friends went the Android route and no longer use an iPhone. So they had to change a setting on their phones to be able to receive a text message from me because when I send a text it is trying to send it as an iMessage. When I select either of the two contacts they are shown...
  12. Zanthe

    Google App Update

    So I see there is a Google update for the iPhone. Here is what the app informatin says about the update... So, how does this differ from the current app with location services turned on? The last thing I need is a negative impact on my battery because of this app. And I don't trust Google. :mad...
  13. Zanthe

    Something is fishy around here...

    Recently I have noticed that after Marking All threads "read" and immediately leaving the site that later when I return there are threads that have un-read posts since my last visit. It doesn't happen all the time ... the dreaded "intermittent" probelm. I haven't had that problem ever in...
  14. Zanthe

    Custom Element Sector 5 Case

    So what do you think if I order a custom Element Sector 5 case that looks like this...All Silver and Black. I actually wouldn't use the back place but there is a pic anyway!
  15. Zanthe

    I need new worthwhile apps

    I'm bored. Who wants to suggest some good useful apps? I like productrivity apps... I don't like games... Travel?... Restaurants?... Anything good... :D Whatcha got?
  16. Zanthe

    Trouble installing Theme using Theme It

    I postied this is another thread but maybe this is a bteer place to put it...sorry for the redundancy... Here is the problem I have. After I got the Theme It App it gave me a installer error and referred me to their blog...apparently something is wrong with their app...
  17. Zanthe

    Help me understand WinterBoard

    So I got my phone jail broken... Now I got Winterboard on it. So when I go to Select Themes in WinteBoard there are all sorts of things there. Like, White Icon Labels, User Wallpaper, Transparent Dock etc. --- Already there. If I check one and then respring it doesn't seem to do...
  18. Zanthe

    Question about Text Messages

    I never noticed this before but when I get a text it shows on my lock screen. I see phone with badges showing the number of text messages. Mine doesn't seem to do that or I'm doing somthing funny. If I opne the lock screen it goes right to text messages and thereforee I am reading it...
  19. Zanthe

    Problem with app

    So a long time ago I bought "App Advice"... Now the app crashes everytime I click it. So I go to the app store and there it is ... says $1.99. I already bought it before. No indication that I have already downloaded. Can I delete the app and re-download without being charged? What's the deal?
  20. Zanthe

    OK...who changed the colors again?

    Chris that you messing around with stuff? :confused: