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  1. macscac

    Delete saved messages in "usage" ?

    I have deleted all the texts in my message app. But in the settings/usage, it shows 3+ gigs on the phone How do I delete this?
  2. macscac

    weird iPhone specific problem (calendar)

    both my ipad mini and my ip5 are on ios7 when creating an event in my calendar on ipad, i have the ability to invite people to the event. on my iPhone, i cannot do this and it is frustrating as i use my iPhone mostly to set events (meetings) where i need to invite other co-workers. i cant...
  3. macscac

    Problem with iTunes "purchased" playlist

    hi. im using iTunes match. I am not jailbroken. in the past, whenever I would buy new songs, it would auto populate in the "Purchased Music" playlist. It no longer does this and is extremely annoying. I have deleted my music, un-attached iTunes match on my phone.. re attached it.. re-synced...
  4. macscac

    Invellop case and x-doria smart jacket

    Both arrived in the mail today These are both a slim/minimal snap back case with an attached smartcover Both of these cases fit the iPad mini perfectly and add no bulk or weight Both fold completely flat for hand use and both have magnet covers for the auto on/off feature Invellop plus's are...
  5. macscac

    Cannot send pictures after using Absynthe jailbreak

    So I've been having issues with my absynthe jailbreak I can't send pics in my texts When I send it, it will give me the send bar, then it makes the delivered noise, shows delivered for a sec, then I get the exclamation point When I click the ! , I get these options If I click the 'send as a...
  6. macscac

    how do I NOT have a photo library folder?

    I have several folders of pics that I like to keep on my phone. but by syncing those folders to the phone, iTunes creates another folder (photo library) and syncs that too. creating a pointless folder with every sync'd photo on it. how do I sync my folders and not have a library folder added? I...
  7. macscac

    Music is broken after jailbreaking iOS 5

    Jail broke last night with windows version of absynthe iPhone 4s with 5.0.1 Now when I go into music and pick any song it will play that song fine When that's over and it goes to the next song, it won't play I can pause and hit play but it won't move past 0:00 I have to close music and double...
  8. macscac

    Cracked iPad 2 screen

    So my daughter was passing my iPad to me and it slipped and hit the coffee table.... Cracks all over Been searching the Internet trying to figure out what Apple will charge me Seems like 200 for a screen or 370 to swap it for a new unit Does this sound right? It's a 32g wifi It's too late at...
  9. macscac

    Need help understanding Photostream

    can someone please explain this to me? i understand what it is but it doesn't seem to be working. i have photostreaming "on" on both my phone and ipad. i take the pic on my phone and it should automatically go onto my ipad? how long does it take? or do i have to sync the units to make the transfer?
  10. macscac

    LED status light?

    in general/accessability, there is an on/off switch for LED status light. will the 4s have a status light?
  11. macscac

    biteSMS issue?

    i created this thread here..... which got no response.. i tried the demo of the other cydia sms app but didn't care for it too much.. i really like the way that bitesms allows me to open the keyboard, but if i want to read...
  12. macscac

    Jailbreak issues. 4.2.3

    I used snowbreeze to JB I'm having some issues. I think it might be related to bitesms Typically once a day I'll get a repeat text from earlier that day and my springboard will crash Anyone else having this issue? I love bite amd don't want to use the default SMS Do I need to restore and re JB...
  13. macscac

    pandora in the background

    how do i get pandora to play in the background.. i know that there is 'backgrounder' but i don't want to doubleclick my home button to activate it. i just want to start the app then hit home once.. is that possible?
  14. macscac

    any system font apps for 4.2.1

    i want to change my font.. specifically for texts.. any suggests? fontswap does not work
  15. macscac

    CallLock... fixes proximity issues

    just got an email this morning discussing CallLock. the youtube video shows the option of being able to manually lock the phone during calls or having it auto lock as soon as the call connects. im going to give it a whirl.. my 1st week build phone had major issues... replaced it with a 17week...
  16. macscac

    any way to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1?

    i have the original 4.0 jailbroken with i have never upgraded. i want the 4.1 upgrade but now that 4.2 is out i am not sure how to do it. is there any way? i really don't want to do a tethered jb on 4.2 thanks
  17. macscac

    Where is my icon?

    I'm not sure what I've done, but my Safari icon is gone? I cannot find it anywhere. Any suggestions?
  18. macscac

    which free case?

    griffen reveal etch? or speck fitted
  19. macscac

    its a sad day for me...

    i returned my iPhone 4 this morning :*( it was a tough decision because i absolutely love that phone. but the proximity sensor was so bad that i could not use the phone unless i was on bluetooth. i ordered another iPhone 4.. should be here in 7-14 days until then i have to use an old 3g. o. m. g. what a...
  20. macscac

    When using your phone, does screen go black?

    is the screen going black every time? unlike my 3gs, i have had several issues with the screen not going black.. and hanging up and dialing other people, putting the phone on mute, going to the home screen or turning the speaker on. its rather annoying. anyone else having this issue?