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  1. verwon

    Just to let my friends here the ER!

    Hypertensive crisis! This wifi sucks. Sent from my iOS ecosystem!
  2. verwon

    iTunes Match is live!

    Though unreliable, at the moment. You have to install iTunes 10.5.1 Sent from my iOS ecosystem!
  3. verwon

    iMovie error when exporting to camera roll....

    I've been searching for a solution for several days and haven't found anything. Since the upgrade to iOS 5, it just gives me the same error, every time I try to export a project to my camera roll. I've tried on both my iPad 2 and on my 4S. Uninstalled, reinstalled, reboots, delete all projects...
  4. verwon

    Anyone know how to get notes to sync?

    It's the only thing that didn't sync up, when I set up my 4S. Mistress of Mischief