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  1. toyotaisme

    Just got my free case from Boxwave

    So Boxwave is offering free cases. Free as in no charge. I just received mine and snapped a picture. Overall, I like the case, and can not beat the price.
  2. toyotaisme

    Check out my new carbon fiber back.

    After taking my other case back I decided to get the bumper case and a carbon fiber back by magic film on face book.
  3. toyotaisme

    Warning about the iFrogz blue case and flash

    I had bought the iFrofz blue case and notice than when i took flash picture they had a blue tint after taking some more shouts I found out that it was the case. without the case sorry to say I took it back to Bestbuy:(
  4. toyotaisme

    MMS is out right now

    I just updated my phone and I have MMS :) go here to add the mms without jailbreaking mms setting are APN wap.cingular user name password MMSC MMS Proxy 0660209.011.032 mms max massage size MMS UA prof URL the att_US.ipcc file can be downloaded here * Safari browser...
  5. toyotaisme

    MMS will be available Friday June 19th

    :smile: Just got off the phone with AT&T they said they are turning on the MMS Friday June 19th. :laugh2:
  6. toyotaisme

    How do you jailbreak a factory unlocked iPhone?

    My brother bought a iPhone from Italy it is factory unlocked from Apple permanently. I’m trying to jailbreak it when the phone came up it had cedia inside but he had no bars no service. Is there a different way to jailbreak a FACTORY UNLOCKED phone? I have jaibreak about 10 iPhones no problem...
  7. toyotaisme

    I found a solution for the battery life on the iPhone 3G

    Here's the link
  8. toyotaisme

    I'm very concerned about the battery life.

    Ok so I decided it to get the new iPhone today it’s my first day using it. Battery was fully charged this morning left the house at 8:30am is now 12:10 battery is ½ gone I only make 5 or 6 calls. Check a few emails and got a couple of apps. That is. :frown:
  9. toyotaisme

    Great links for the iPhone..

    play hangman at lighter at see who's calling you at if you know any other goodones add them to the thread.