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    Can I voice control my iPhone to play an artist when my iPhone is locked or

    Hey, quick question. I'm considering getting a 3gs, as I only have a 2g right now. But can I use its voice control to play an artist on the iPhone when my iPhone is locked? If so, how? Do I press the home button or can I press the Mic button on my headphones? And last question (same...
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    Yellow Spot in the bottom right of my iPhone when held upright. HELP!

    Hey, there's a yellow spot in the bottom right of my iPhone when it's held upright. It shows over ANY application. But for some reason goes away if the phone is held sideways (in widescreen mode), or is at the screen where you slide to unlock. Does anyone know what I should do?
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    HELP! WON'T INSTALL! Keeps saying to re-install iTunes. Tried 4 times already...

    "The software required for iPhone is not installed. Please run the iTunes installer to remove iTunes, then install iTunes again." I downloaded the latest version 2 times, and uninstalled, removed Quicktimes and iTunes manually after that, re-installed. Nothing works! I've tried this 4 times. I...