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    Anyone found a good bumper-style case for iPhone 5?

    i like this aluminium bumper case for my iPhone 5, any one also love it? Check here:
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    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    i also got my first case for my iPhone 5 from Casesinthebox , transformers arachnophobia durable aluminium Case it's the coolest case. Check here:
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    In Your opinion, Best iPad cover?

    i recommend leather stand iPad smart cover, mine is iPad 2 and i use it all the time.
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    The best iPad 2 Screen Protector?

    Frosted screen protector is ok, just have better one, not the best one!
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    Cases-- which for new iPad?

    Yeah, very cool case as picture showed, but i like to collect cute iPad case for iPad 3, such as hello kitty, paul frank or other cartoon cases.
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    Genuine cases vs fake ones?

    I also like the fake one, it's much cheaper than the real one, and the quality is just little different...
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    The I just got my iPad Thread

    Oh, looks very nice!
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    Any review on the Vapor Pro "Black Ops" Element Case?

    i think i don't consider to buy a case over $100 for my iPhone 4S, if The Fake Vapor pro 's quality is very good, why don't you accept it ?
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    Any review on the Vapor Pro "Black Ops" Element Case?

    $ 49.99 is too expensive! My friend also got one via Casesinthebox, only $23 plus free shipping, i have ever used it with her iPhone 4S, The case is very nice and perfect fit ! Check here :
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    Post Your Last Purchase

    i got a white Vapor COMP Epiphany for my iPhone 4s only $22
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    What did you Cook today?

    Fish, chicken, green vegetables!
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    iPhone 4/4s case $0.49 free shipping

    $0.49 with free shipping is so crazy!