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    Case-Mate Barely There

    I personally like the barely there 2 better by casemate
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    iPhone 4 Case against liquid spills

    I normally use my Phone naked or in some type of Bumper case, I thought the defender would keep my phone moist free as well because it was a giant and protective. So I put it on before I went snowboarding one time, did 1 slope and fell a few times while my phone was in my pocket. Then put my...
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    Wow I haven't had a problem taking off my plastic piece yet. Just have to be extra careful.
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    How? Taking it off?
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    Apple Bumper case & PS anti glare

    I would definitely recommend the Case mate Hula for all of you who love the bumper style case but want it to work with 3rd party accessories. The hula use to be my fav case, I currently am in love with the SGP Neo Hybrid Ex. Heres a few quick photos for you all.
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    The Hula was my fav case until I got the Ex. When I got the Ex my first impression was that I hated it from the slipperiness of the device when in your hand and was about to take it off immediately, but I decided to give the case a chance because of all the testimonials and use it for a few days...
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    iPhone case suggestions?

    Probably one of the best cases in it's class, but you can try the candyshell if you haven't already. Theres also a few new ones from incipio and seideo.
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    White SGP Leather Skin Guard Review w/ Photos

    Yeah I left my invisible shield on and put the leather skin over it, worked perfectly. I'd do that instead of cutting out a piece for the Apple logo because I would guess you could probably be able to feel it after the skin is put over the small piece of screen protector. Let me know how the...
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    Bumper ruined my iPhone

    Same here, just sold my 3GS that was in immaculate condition. How much you sell it for?
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    iPhone case suggestions?

    Agreed if you don't mind the bulkiness
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    Case Mate Hula

    No mine works fine. But I cant say about the screen protectors, never tried them. I love their customer service as well, definitely keeps customers coming back!
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    iPhone case suggestions?

    I know bro. I have a white leather skin and a neo hybrid ex bumper and I'm loving it! If I were you I'd cancel my order for the nude. It's crap. That was my first case. Go bumper route with some kind of front and back protection. Much better IMO.
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    Just ordered a yellow neo hybrid ex yesterday, shipped today! Pretty shocked and excited!
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    SGP Neo hybrid EX

    Don't you have to preorder or does it ship instantly now?
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    iPhone 4 memory app?

    Smart guys! Lesson learned for me! Next year I will be getting the 32 gig.
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    iPhone 4 memory app?

    Haha so sorry guys. So yes i am trying to free room on my harddisk! And apps is whats taking the hard disk's. I have a 16 gb hard disk and I have less then a gig left so I need to free room. Sorry for the confusion.
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    ThinEdge frame

    Definitely let us know how they are. Photos would be awesome!
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    iPhone 4 memory app?

    I think your right.. I don't have all 200 running at once, maybe about 15 at most, I close most. And my whole Question was to see how much memory each app is using so I can get rid of some apps using more memory. But I'll check those 2 out, thanks!
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    iPhone 4 memory app?

    Hmmm oh ok. Well I know on the computer you can see how big each app is but not how much its using. So what's a good system app? And I'm not jailbroken :(