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  1. impaler

    iTunes Match Download on iPhone

    I have 18K+ tracks in iTunes Match, and all is well at home and on my Apple TV, for streaming the music. When I enable iTunes Match on my iPhone 4S, it seems to pull a bunch of data, as the activity meter is spinning around in the Music app. I didn't enable iTunes Match to show the entire...
  2. impaler

    Lack of Option for EDGE

    I thought it was weird that we didn't have the option to force 2.5G EDGE service on the GSM side, beginning with iOS 5. In the DC metro area, sometimes my old 3GS held onto calls better on EDGE than 3G, and I wish I had the option. Anyone else feel this way? I guess 3G is ubiquitous...
  3. impaler

    Anyone Excited About the Sunday Store Unveilings?

    I am very psyched for what Apple has up its sleeves for today (Sunday) and beyond this week. The black curtains will be drawn and they will be up to some serious secretive stuff! I'm hoping for a serious foray into cloud syncing services, adding features. I hope BGR is right about this one...
  4. impaler

    Need to Find Pink Case for G/F - help!

    Hey all, my girlfriend has the 3G and the generic rubber case they sold her at the AT&T store, and she wants to get a new one. I'm looking for a case with hearts and/or skulls with pink in it. Any ideas?
  5. impaler

    Late September Update to MobileMe

    All, have you seen this? I just saw this through a link today. Apple should really put these updates, no matter how minor, FRONT AND CENTER on the MobileMe support will go a long way to ensuring folks are kept in the loop and will make it look like Apple's hard at work on updates...
  6. impaler

    iPhone as Christmas Gift

    Hey all, my girlfriend wants the white iPhone 3G, and I want to get her one for Christmas--she's with AT&T, but how do I get the phone to her and it still be a surprise? We don't share accounts--she has her own account, I have mine--both on AT&T. And I have the black iPhone 3G on my...
  7. impaler

    iPhone Life Magazine?

    Anyone here going to subscribe to the new iPhone Life magazine? It looks pretty good. I'm going to give it a try.
  8. impaler

    "From" Address Problem Solved

    All, if any of you were having problems when sending e-mails from the Mail interface on the web, where the "From" field showed only "", and not "John Doe <>" like it should, even though you typed in a name in the "Name" field in Mail settings, yesterday it started...
  9. impaler

    Positive Support Experience

    All, with all the negative press Apple's received for its MobileMe launch, I wanted to try something different. Rather than venting my frustrations with the service, I wanted to share with you all a very positive experience I had yesterday with Rene, a chat support specialist, regarding three...
  10. impaler

    I'm On It

    I, for one, can't wait for this to roll out! I'm a shameless fanboy, and have been with .mac since it was iTools. I've always WANTED to love .mac, and not look back, but Google had me with Gmail and their calendar. I always scratched my head at why Apple was so slow to compete. Clearly it...
  11. impaler

    iPhone 1.1.3 Update Snappier?

    Hey, has anyone noticed after updating to 1.1.3 that the menus, when you click one, or click the home button, seem snappier than with 1.1.2 and before? It seems just more responsive to me...
  12. impaler

    Sync Working--Finally!

    Folks, I know there's a bunch of posts here, but with a workaround, I was able to get calendar sync working, under Windows XP SP2, Outlook 2003 SP2, all patches installed, and iTunes My contacts had always synched perfectly from the Exchange server (not a .pst), but my calendar never...