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  1. trido

    Ordering at but doing a upgrade swap at AT&T

    I called Apple last nite told them I have ATT and want to order iPhone 5 on one of my lines that has full upgrade, But want to take that phone and before turning it on go to ATT and put it on one of my other lines. APPLE said fine no issues doing that, has anyone done this. Thanks
  2. trido

    Buying direct from APPLE with wifes upgrade

    Hope I can ask this easy. I have never bought direct from Apple can anyone that might have done this tell me how it works. Ok I want iPhone 4s but will have to use wifes line as the upgrade line. So of course I place online order using her phone number. Question once i have iPhone i have no idea...
  3. trido

    iPhone 4 You Tube videos

    Question I noticed after uploading an iPhone 4 video to You Tube,you tube published as 360p and not 720p. Is that just a You Tube thing or why not as 720p? Thanks.
  4. trido

    My Sad story with AT&T and Apple

    I try to keep it short what it is and I had thought others might have been in my situation. My full upgrade is this Sunday fathers day(so I can pay 199) I had called ATT days before preorder day I was told by supervisor no we can NOT move your upgrade date from sunday the 20th to Tuesday the 15...
  5. trido

    Preorder from AT&T

    This below from ATT website Consumers may preorder iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS 8GB at AT&T retail stores or online at beginning June 15. Business customers can preorder through their AT&T sales representative or by visiting AT&T’s Premier site. For greater convenience and faster...
  6. trido

    Where is the digital compass?

    I see in reviews a mention of a digital compass? I sure don't see it is it an app? Thanks
  7. trido

    Who will be selling iPAD

    Question who will sell it? Apple and ATT or Target walmart Best buy just like Ipods?
  8. trido

    Tone for txt messaging not working

    Any one have an issue with txt messaging ringtone notifications. Most of the time mine never ring I do get vibrate but no tones . I tried turning phone off and on worked once but not again today. Thanks
  9. trido

    Ringtone issues

    I seem to have an issue many times I do not get my ringtone notification for incoming SMS. Voice seems fine oddly this seems to happen went 3g iPhone in my shirt pocket. Anyone missing ring tone notifications. It does work at times so I assume I have them set to on ok. Trido
  10. trido

    Email in iPhone 2.0

    One thing I would like is to be able to make a email save folder. I am still right there isn't a folder that i can save a incoming email to other than the incoming folder just leaving it there? Thanks
  11. trido

    iPhone not on iPhone data plan

    I have a iPhone from a friend that upgraded to the 3g model. Question as long as I don't want to use Edge for data and ONLY wifi for data can I put in my current sim? My current phone account I have family plan Unlimited txt messaging I would think no issues after I jailbreak iPhone my Current...
  12. trido

    What does enabling Location Services do?

    What exactly does turning location services on and off do? Is this the GPS only? If yes then when left on all the time is this a large battery drainer? Thanks
  13. trido

    Mailbox setup

    Is there a way in the iPhone to setup a mailbox to save incoming or transfer incoming emails to? I was told iTunes will synch a mailbox over but I sure cant get it to. Running Vista and windows mail.iTunes did transfer allmy contacts but no folder/mailbox i had in windows mail? thanks Trido