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  1. K.C.

    Find my iPhone works great!

    Had to share daughter just replaced her glitchy gold 5s and took off on a road trip to six flags magic mountain and Disneyland. She wasn't there an hour when her brand new phone went flying 50 ft off a roller coaster at 50 mph! It had a case on it but not the best. The security guys...
  2. K.C.

    Notifications problem

    I subscribed to an email magazine to read whenever i can, but its showing up in my notifications and I don't know how to get rid of it. I don't have an app for this magazine. Do I need to look in a different place to turn off the notification? Thanks!
  3. K.C.

    Don't forget to download 12 Days of Christmas

    ... To download a free copy of the 12 days of Christmas app in the app store! Then stay tuned for a free gift from Apple every day.. from the 26th of December through the 6th of January! First time offered in the USA. Could be music, movies, apps, books, etc. Sounds like fun to me, 15 days to go!
  4. K.C.

    Best drawing app for iPad?

    I am looking for a good drawing app for ipad... that's simple to use but not for kids. I want to make backgrounds and have lots of tools to pick from. Thanks in advance you guys!