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    What ringtones are you using from iTunes?

    ringtone song I'm using "Let Me Talk to You/My Love" by Justin Timberlake when my husband calls me. I'm still trying to find the perfect ring for when my 13 year old daughter calls me, but for now I like the iPhone "alarm" sound for her. It's perfect for all her drama.
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    The Whine free "If I was on the iPhone development I'd do this on next update" thread

    I want everything you guys said PLUS, the sherlock window.
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    Is EDGE really that slow?

    Maybe it's because of where I'm located (WV) but it's really not that slow here. We have wifi in the house and I don't notice THAT much of a difference when I leave the house. I even went on that site to determine the speed of download and it was rated very good (or whatever the one lower than...
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    Feeling Ripped Off? ... You Should!

    I paid it willingly. I'm even thinking of sending Mr. Jobs a check for an extra $10. The convenience this iPhone gives me is immeasurable. I'm not tethered to my office any more and I can still respond to clients very quickly. You wanna see obscene profits margins -- ask a cruise ship what...
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    Turn data off?

    I'm wondering if you keep it on "airplane mode", it will turn the data off. (this is just an uneducated guess, but it's based on an experience I just had at church. I was practicing singing and I kept getting interferance and sort of like feedback from the microphone system. I turned the...
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    Anyone else experience iPhone envy from public?

    I've been several places with my iPhone and I've had some people think it's really cool but other people have gotten kind of nasty. Comments like "I wouldn't have that think if you paid me", or they voluntarily tell me about all the features of their phones, as if I have challenged them in some...
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    Responses to "can I see your iPhone?"

    This is my strategy as well. I'm a home-based travel agent and because of the technology today, I can do work whenever and wherever my phone and laptop are. So far, my iPhone has attracted a lot of attention. I show them all the ways I use it in my businesss (destination photos, real time...
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    Anyone else happy with the purchase

    I love it more than i ever thought I could love a machine.
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    How Long Did You Wait?

    1. 9 hours 2. #2 3. 8gb note: I've NEVER waited in line for any new product or hyped up must-have. I'm 41 and a fairly sensible person (I would never "hold my wee for a Wii"). But dang it!, it's an Apple product and I'd do pretty much anything for an Apple product.
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    What is your most favorite feature of the iPhone?

    I love the touch screen! In fact I logged into iTunes on my MacBook Pro last night and actually touched the screen. Nothing happened. I'm really starting to get used to the screen. It's amazing how fast you can assimilate.
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    Wow. 500,000 iPhones sold so far!

    To me, 500,000 seems low. I would have thought they would have sold more than that.
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    Who LOVES their iPhone?

    Love it, love it, love it. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that was able to get everything up and running in minutes. But I'm also really bummed for everyone who hasn't had the same experience. I would be positively homicidal if I was the one suffering from "inability to connect". I hope AT&T...
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    Great phone but a few problems...! Anyone Else?

    I soo agree with you on that. I spent the morning going throught 5000 songs/videos individually, creating an iPhone playlist. Tedious.
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    Another feature that Apple didn't even tell us about

    I didn't say it was a poop, it was a pee. and you are right, girls don't poop.
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    The "Hey I got mine" thread!

    I got in line around 9:30 am and got the phone at just after 6pm, in the Charleston, Huntington WV area. I was #2.
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    Another feature that Apple didn't even tell us about

    OK, I had to go to the bathroom a few minutes ago and I didn't turn on the light. I had the iPhone in my hand and it gave off enough light that I didn't need any more light. The iPhone... now a flashlight too!
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    This phone is friggen awesome!!

    I'm not having any problems with phone quality either. It's actually better than what I had with Sprint.
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    The way mine happened was I did the thing on iTunes and it said it was in the process of activating. I goofed around on the internet for a little while and then got an email that said this: Congratulations, AT&T is now transferring your existing mobile number to this iPhone. Your iPhone...
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    Average Activation Time in the Southeast?

    I'm near Huntington WV and I waited about 15 minutes until I could call out and about 2.5 hours until I was fully functional. I can now send and receive calls, email, everything. Woo Hoo! My husband says the sound on the other end is great. He said "It's like you're in the next room"... I was...
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    Has anyone made a call yet or anything yet?

    I called Steve Jobs and gave him props.