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  1. treelessbark

    After update Won't charge/recognize USB plugged in

    Wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the normal iPhone thread. Feel free to move if needed. So I updated my iPhone 4 (32g) the night before last. It charged fine that night, all the jazz. So last night I go to plug it in, and nothing happens. No vibrate, no charge nothing. It didn't...
  2. treelessbark

    Speck Candyshell - dupes?

    Hey! So I pretty come down to the Speck Candyshell being my favorite iPhone case. However it is still kinda bulky. I was curious if anyone knew of a dupe: hard case on the outside, soft silicone/rubber inside.
  3. treelessbark

    Help! Frozen v1 iPhone. Bricked?

    So I'm letting my boyfriend use my 2g iPhone. It was jailbroken. We put his sim in which then said emergency only, then in iTunes it was completely blank and said "iPhone". No options, pictures, or text. So I decided to reset and erase the phone from the settings menu. Well it did the Apple...
  4. treelessbark

    2 question - home page crashes and app updating

    I have a iPhone 3gs with the latest (3.1.3?) os on it. Out of no where majority of the apps on the front page of my iPhone crash when I try to open. I have to delete and redownload them. Just wondering if this happened and if it possibly done it again. #2 - my apps won't update from the...