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  1. blackoutcrl

    Worst Nightmare Came True!

    Who drops their iPhone? REally?!?! I have to retrieve my phone from a vat of bubble wrap before I answer it.... sorry to hear that.
  2. blackoutcrl

    iCal Sync Problem

    hey thanks much.. i figured it was something like this.. i just thought it would magically know where i am from. cheers
  3. blackoutcrl

    iCal/iTunes Calendar Sync issue

    even when my cal does sync, it's off by several hours.. anyone else get this?
  4. blackoutcrl

    iCal Sync Problem

    If i make a listing on the iPhone in the Cal, it will be off by several hours on the mac... Anyone else have this issue? Example. Meeting set for 4:40pm on the iPhone Syncs as: Meeting set for 12:40pm on the mac ?
  5. blackoutcrl

    Has your iPhone ever randomly go to the home screen? (please take poll)

    no mysterious "back to home" issue for me.
  6. blackoutcrl

    How many people switched their service provider for the iPhone?

    switched from Sprint... iPhone is 100% great for a first phone!... They will work out the kinks.. good job Apple and at&T
  7. blackoutcrl

    All iPhone Reviews

    AM I the only one pretty freakin happy with the iPhone..? sure, it has a few lil things... Copy and paste, etc.. but i love it..
  8. blackoutcrl

    What is a good Credit score...

    Really that high? that is pretty good score though.. so anything under 700 will prob have to pay a deposit... weird
  9. blackoutcrl

    What is a good Credit score...

    I guess they are checking to see if you have credit.. and if so, if the score is high enough to trust you with paying the bill.... just wondering what to compare credit scores to. tx
  10. blackoutcrl

    What is a good Credit score...

    does anyone know what a "good" credit score would be in a situation like this?
  11. blackoutcrl

    Verizon isn't going without a fight

    Awesome... can you check voicemail in any order you want with the headset?...
  12. blackoutcrl

    Verizon isn't going without a fight

    that is a steal.. wonder what sprint will do... Free stylus for the Treo... nothing would sway me.
  13. blackoutcrl

    I'm not buying this January release of iPhone #2

    Good call. Aside from the (TALKED ABOUT TOO MUCH) 3G... I think Jobs will put some amazing thought, enhancements and user desired mods into V2. There is simply not enough time to implement these changes in even a year. besides, i think Apple will want to see what the competition will provide...
  14. blackoutcrl

    ABC News iPhone Hysteria Video. Pretty Funny

    Well, the iPhone just got a bad preview as far as those interviewees are concerned. I am trying to think of some creative way of fitting ourselves into an ugly, misfits crowd or something.. but i got nothing... those people are just dumb.... I want to push over their chairs.... Bleh...
  15. blackoutcrl

    Surprises Waiting for Everyone....

    I second the Surprise.....
  16. blackoutcrl

    If Hillary gets elected, does the iPhone work in Canada?

    All I have to say is.. I took everyones mind off the iPhone.. sweet, now 6 hours closer to release.... blah blah
  17. blackoutcrl

    Sprint is running scared

    make it two.. high fivez
  18. blackoutcrl

    Will you have the patience....... ?

    that is a funny joke.. high fivez
  19. blackoutcrl

    Will you have the patience....... ?

    YOur right! not getting the iPhone anymore.
  20. blackoutcrl

    If Hillary gets elected, does the iPhone work in Canada?

    Thank you for putting this in a better way. LADIES and gents, there are plenty of great women out there that could lead loads better than clinton.