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  1. john_T

    Music doesn't play after jailbreak on 4S (5.0.1)

    I'm using iTunes Match on my 4s and both the music in the cloud and my downloaded playlists won't play. However, apps like Rdio and Pandora play music perfectly. Anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  2. john_T

    Anyone have links to some good SMS tones?

    I love how Apple has finally given us the ability to use custom SMS tones on the iPhone. Now I need help finding some good ones! Any suggestions?
  3. john_T

    Exchanging for a different color tomorrow at an Apple Store?

    Is it possible for me to exchange my black 4s for a white one at an Apple Store tomorrow? I ordered via and fortunately it will be delivered early tomorrow.
  4. john_T

    Jailbroken iPhone 4 keeps crashing when making phone calls?

    It's been happening since last Friday night. Should I restore? There are some texts I want to save. Is that possible? Also is the latest iPhone update jailbreakable? I'm JB on 4.2.1 and I really don't want to restore. Can someone help me out here?
  5. john_T

    iPhone 4 Stuck in Restore Loop :(

    I need all the help that I can get. I went to go restore to 4.1 and now I'm stuck in a restore loop. Help?
  6. john_T

    More Proof of a Verizon iPhone (

    Why The Verizon iPhone Rumors are True—CDMA iPhone Due in January via TechCrunch It's basically a lot of the same stuff we've been hearing, but I guess the whole idea of a Verizon iPhone has gained more steam. Either way I know a lot of people should be excited for this, but in all honesty I...
  7. john_T

    Case Review: Speck CandyShell (White/Black)

    Finally decided to order this case when I found it on for only $24 shipped! It's pretty similar to previous CandyShell models. I will be putting up photos momentarily. Here are my thoughts. Pros:: -Great look. Very nice hard white plastic back with a small rubber grip on each...
  8. john_T

    Always in Safe Mode?

    I got out of it once I was stuck in it for a few minutes, but now I've been stuck in it for a while now. I've been uninstalling some cydia apps and that hasn't done the trick yet. Also the 'Restart Springboard' icon highlights blue and just freezes. So I have to soft reset. Any help?
  9. john_T

    Best Buy blocks on iPads

    I just stopped by at my local Best Buy after work to see if I could access from their display iPads, but surprisingly the site was blocked. I took a small video(uploading soon) of the message that pops up. It mentions something about Best Buy corporate blocking/banning this site...
  10. john_T

    So I took my iPhone 4 to the Apple Store today hopes of getting it replaced. The past few weeks I've received quite a few temperature warning messages, the video quality has been subpar, there has been very noticeable lag, and the phone has even shut off by itself. This was my second time taking my iPhone 4 in due to temperature...
  11. john_T

    Jailbreaking an iPhone 3G that's NOT activated?

    I have an iPhone 3G that has not yet been activated. I'd like to jailbreak it. Is there a way to do this without having to activate it?:( Appreciate the help.
  12. john_T

    Unlock/Jailbreak iPhone 3G on 3.1.3?

    Sorry I'm not that fond of the jailbreaking scene anymore. Is this possible? If so, can someone lead me in the right direction of doing so? Thanks.
  13. john_T

    Does anyone recommend SGP screen protectors? I had a look at them and I'm impressed. Has anyone bought from them before? Which set do you recommend that I purchase? Also what's up with that leather case? Is it an actual case or is it adhesive leather lol?
  14. john_T

    Have you experienced any slowdowns yet?

    I've experienced a few actually. When I was downloading some apps over WiFi, I flipped to another page and it froze for about 10 seconds. Also, another thing that is getting on my nerves is that every so often when I click the home button, it doesn't respond for about 10 seconds. Gah I hate this.
  15. john_T

    I might have to go to Apple. A few questions about age limit and activation.

    1) How old do you have to be to upgrade a line then use that upgrade for your line? 2) Does Apple make you activate in-store?
  16. john_T

    Need someone to use FaceTime with on the 24th for my video review

    I operate a tech blog/review site and our first big review/unboxing is going to be of the iPhone 4. Most of my friends who pre-ordered are getting it in mid-July so it would be great if someone could help me out here. :) Thanks!
  17. john_T

    Seriously. Just pre-order at Best Buy. It's unbelievably painless and worth it.

    Well I went to my local ATT store, which had a line of about 10 people so I decided to wait online. I waited for an hour and only four people went in. Then I gave one of the guys on the line a tip about going to Best Buy. He went and was done in five minutes. I then sent two others. I did not go...
  18. john_T

    Keeping the unlimited data plan...

    Well I just sold my 3GS and "downgraded" to my iPhone v1 until the iPhone 4 comes out. Now when I activate the v1 in iTunes it says that it created a plan optimal for the v1($20 unlimited plan). This is fine, but will I be able to use the $30 unlimited plan on the iPhone 4?
  19. john_T

    How many people have received an early upgrade?

    I'm making this thread so people can keep track of people's different situations with ATT so that they could get their iPhone 4 and live happily every after :ok:ok Also please say when you got your last phone phone with ATT, iPhone or not. I just called ATT and they told me there is...
  20. john_T

    Purchase now or wait for Verizon iPad?

    Well I've been saving up to buy one of these beauties for a while and I was about to purchase one today, but then I saw on various tech blogs that Verizon has been testing out a 4G enabled iPad. There probably will be no contract required with it (like current iPad) so it looks like the way to...