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  1. Bboy Trick

    How can we get the beta software?

    I see a lot about the beta software that Apple releases but how can we test it?
  2. Bboy Trick

    Will it Blend Video?

    I hate those videos with a passion!:angry:
  3. Bboy Trick

    iPhone on TV

    A 7th grader with a "iPhone" What is this world coming too? I cant believe parents would buy a 7th grader a iPhone and he must not be trying to hide it at school if you saw it.
  4. Bboy Trick

    Nice cheaper alternative to colorware? (and it doesn't void your warranty)

    nice but the iPhone might be too thin to engrave.
  5. Bboy Trick

    Proof of speaker mod effectiveness. DO IT!

    It works but I have heard that it changes the pitch of the song with makes it not sound as clear.
  6. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    yeah they should leave the regular myspace. the myspace mobile really sucks but its ok like i said just to check messages.
  7. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    myspace mobile's not bad I just like to check my messages and reply. its good enough.
  8. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    hold on your right im sorry lol this is the first time its done that. and if you go to regular myspace like i told you before when i try to send messages on the regular site it sends blank ones.
  9. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    regular myspace on edge is so slow. i might start going on the myspace mobile.
  10. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    I go to myspace all the time and it doesn't redirect me. It just goes to the regular one.
  11. Bboy Trick

    myspace mobile?

    do you mean for the iPhone because the iPhone doesn't support myspace mobile.
  12. Bboy Trick

    Live from Apple's iPhone SDK press conference

    I am really pissed and heated with Apple. I cant believe they had everyone thinking there were apps available today and we have to wait until june. What was the point of even telling us about it?
  13. Bboy Trick

    iTunes movie rentals..

    You guys are 100 percent right iTunes charges too much money for movie rentals and lets say you have the movie on your iPhone and you play it by mistake, you only have 24 hours to watch it and nowadays people are busy!
  14. Bboy Trick

    How in the World does someone need 32...even 16 Gb's

    I have a 8gig and I haven't filled it up yet. I like watching my tv shows and I have like 1 movie but a bunch of songs and I still have like 3.5gigs left. Maybe around this time tomorrow I'll have some new apps on it:laugh2:
  15. Bboy Trick

    Possible 1.1.4 feature? heres one i found just click the link.
  16. Bboy Trick

    I found a debug console in the 1.1.4 update

    yes idk why they added it though.
  17. Bboy Trick

    I found a debug console in the 1.1.4 update

    first go to settings on your iPhone. then go to safari. then go to developer. then turn on the debug console. then press the home button and go to regular safari and go to a website and it will tell you if there is a bug on that website. P.S. I was bored when I found this.:laugh2:
  18. Bboy Trick

    iTunes Movies

    No you just have to find the movies that have the buy option.
  19. Bboy Trick

    problem with 1.1.4 update

    well I updated and now certain songs won't play and my battery is during a lot faster idk was Wrong with our phones but I'm pissed.
  20. Bboy Trick

    im so depressed...i sold my 8gb iPhone

    Another reason that he should the iPhone is because it runs ox and the tilt runs crappy windows.:tounge: