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  1. Bboy Trick

    How can we get the beta software?

    I see a lot about the beta software that Apple releases but how can we test it?
  2. Bboy Trick

    I found a debug console in the 1.1.4 update

    first go to settings on your iPhone. then go to safari. then go to developer. then turn on the debug console. then press the home button and go to regular safari and go to a website and it will tell you if there is a bug on that website. P.S. I was bored when I found this.:laugh2:
  3. Bboy Trick

    "A iPhone Dock fact"

    I didn't know this but you can put any headphones or surround sound into the line out jack in the dock with the iPhone in it ad it plays beautifully. I know you guys propably knew about this but I didn't and just wanted to share this to with "my iPhone Family".
  4. Bboy Trick

    iPhone Help please

    I just activated my iPhone and i wanna know do u have to enable edge? and how
  5. Bboy Trick

    Who is getting a iPhone for Christmas?

    I have been on this site since the iPhone came out and had to make a new account but anyway i cant wait until christmas so i can take the cash and run out and get a iPhone. im a iPhone nut but never saved my cash for one and now for christmas i asked for cash and im just gonna buy one.:laugh2:
  6. Bboy Trick

    Can someone tell me how the prepaid iPhone plan work?

    I have searched everywhere and cant seem to find it. So can someone just explain how it works. Cause i am getting a iPhone this weekend and I would like to know asap. thanks in advance!
  7. Bboy Trick

    No more iPhone refund talk

    you spent your money its over get your refund and don't talk about it anymore. Why cant we just talk about the iPhone. Besides its too late at least you got the iPhone when you wanted it i had to wait until it got cheaper. SO PEOPLE STOP PLEASE! PS if you have a problem im me at Bboy AceProgram
  8. Bboy Trick

    I wonder if u can buy a refurbished iPhone at the AT&T store?

    I was just wondering if i could buy a refurbished iPhone at the store instead of online?
  9. Bboy Trick

    Are any of you getting customizing your iPhone? this is something i saw and was interested to see who would pay another 150dollars for this to get done to there iPhone.:laugh2: