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  1. owieh

    iOS 7 Bugs

    One thing I noticed about crashing apps is that they could be using API's that has changed. When maps first came out, all if not most of the apps I had that used the Google Maps were broken. I have found that this is happening again, the transit apps that work on top of Apple's maps are crashing.
  2. owieh

    Post Your Last Purchase

    Yummy steak bakes from Gregg's :D
  3. owieh

    MacBook Pro MacBook pro heats

    In my experience, it only heats up when I'm using CPU/GPU intensive applications. Take HandBreak for instance, it's a guarantee that my mid 2012 MBP would heat up when I'm converting a file. 3D games would also make your MBP run hotter, even Gameloft's Order & Chaos does it.
  4. owieh

    First app you ever downloaded?

    My first ever downloaded app from the App Store would be Super Monkey Ball! :D that was way back when the App Store was young...
  5. owieh

    Mountain Lion Issues/Oddities

    iTunes keeps asking me for my password with regards to automatic downloads... Quite annoying.
  6. owieh

    Add Facebook sharing to Mountain Lion

    Sure! :)
  7. owieh

    How can I send one or multiple photos via email on iPhone?

    ^This is how it is done.
  8. owieh

    Add Facebook sharing to Mountain Lion

    I am sure you guys are well aware by now that Facebook sharing did not ship with the final version of Mountain Lion. Deciding to launch it with iOS 6 this fall ensures it coincides with the hype the event will generate. Remember, Facebook sharing will be one of iOS 6's main feature. So, being...
  9. owieh

    iMac Managing 50k pictures on my new Mac

    Thanks rcns! :)
  10. owieh

    Tiberius turns One!

    Happy first birthday! Wishing you all the best... PS: cool name btw! :)
  11. owieh

    How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

    From what I understand, he actually wanted to remove all the songs.
  12. owieh

    I don't want iBooks to sync between idevices?

    Do you sync your wife's iPhone and iPad on the same computer as yours? If so, that could be the issue. It could be remedied by plugging in the device the clicking its name on the left sidebar then going under the "Books" tab. You could then unsync all books by un-ticking the "Sync Books" option...
  13. owieh

    How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

    It will clear up space that is occupied by songs synced to the stock music player. Thanks, I am aware of Spotify...
  14. owieh

    How do I delete songs from my iPhone?

    Let me get this straight, you want to delete ALL songs that are synced on your device? You could try and unsync them via your computer, if that is not possible then you could go to Settings > General > Usage > Under Storage, wait for Music to appear then tap it. You will then see how much...
  15. owieh

    What shows are you watching?

    Been catching up with Falling Skies...
  16. owieh

    iPod and iTunes issues

    Does it charge via the wall socket?
  17. owieh

    How to install a screen protector perfectly?

    Not guaranteed to work every time. I've even used a blow dryer on cold to get rid of lint and dust, it worked to a degree. Possibly if we had a dust-free room it we wouldn't have to worry much. Mind you, removing the lint and dust is only half the battle.
  18. owieh

    If you own an iPad, will you get an iPad mini?

    For me it's a no. I was just given the "new iPad" and I can't seem to find much use for it. It's good for book reading, but that's about it for me.
  19. owieh

    Things noticed in iOS 6 beta.

    Setting Maps to Satellite view the zooming out will show you this. :3 The definitely need more high-res satellite images for it.
  20. owieh

    Photo of the day

    A four-leaf clover I found today... I'm getting quite addicted to finding more. Hahaha