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  1. Jarred

    Which new iPhone 6 are you getting?

    64GB Space Grey 4.7"er for me. Will be paying full cash and passing my 5S on to the Mrs. Sadly we have to wait til the 26th before we can even preorder here. Will mean an October delivery :|
  2. Jarred

    Which color iPhone 5S: Space Gray, Gold or White?

    White again for me. The gold/champagne one looks unbelievably tacky to me. Not a fan of the Space grey either, preferred the Slate over that one.
  3. Jarred

    AWESOME Earbuds for all iDevices

    Agree'd. Most of my music is Metal/Rock. OTT bass ruins it. iPhone 5 32GB iPad 3rd gen 64GB WiFi
  4. Jarred

    Bookbook for iPhone 5

    Hey guys, had my BookBook for the iPhone 5 arrive today so I've snapped a few pics and will pass on my thoughts. If you've had the BookBook for the iPhone 4/4S then you'll notice a couple of changes. The first one is how the phone is held in the case, instead of the little bookmark style strap...
  5. Jarred

    AWESOME Earbuds for all iDevices

    My favourite buds are the Audiotechnica ATH-CKS77. On eBay for under $100, good bass, but also well detailed and balanced. From what I've read/heard about the SQ of the Beats lineup, it's been enough for me to avoid them.
  6. Jarred

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    Got a Bookbook on the way. Will play musical cases with this and my Defender. Did see a Lifeproof case for the first time this week on a mates 4. Quite impressed with it. Sent using iCafe app
  7. Jarred

    Hope for Otterbox Defender with Lightning Adapter

    Nice, been planning to do something similar with mine. Probably just trim it with a sharp knife til the adaptor fits.
  8. Jarred

    Other headphones that are good with iPhone

    I prefer earbuds, have had more expensive $150 items like Head Direct RE-262s which are really bright and accurate if a bit light on the bass, but keep going back to my Audiotechnica ATH-CKS77. Under $100 on eBay, well worth a look!
  9. Jarred

    Where's everyone from ?

    Small rural town of Morrinsville, New Zealand. About half an hours drive from where the LOTR was based. Been a Lab Tech for 10 years, currently in a Dairy lab.
  10. Jarred

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    One annoying thing about the Otterbox Defender is that the lightning adaptor won't fit with the case on :|
  11. Jarred

    Are you getting the iPad Mini and why? Or why not?

    I'm not miffed, my 3rd gen iPad performs just as good as it did yesterday... I'll probably skip the 5th gen one too.
  12. Jarred

    Not impressed with iPad 4

    To be honest I was expecting the iPad to get a slight refresh with the lightning connector, but I guess if they had the extra hardware from the iPhone 5 to tweak and use why not? I've only had my 3rd gen for a few months and its basically just a web browser for me. No need for the upgrade. iPad...
  13. Jarred

    Apple Lightning

    Had an adapter arrive today, confirmed it works with a Fiio line out adapter for audio.
  14. Jarred

    Otterbox Defender for iPhone5 review

    The screen protector is a step up in quality in terms of how it affects the resolution of the retina display though. On my 4 and 4S I poked the factory one out and just ran an el cheapo protector straight on the device (also fixed the oil slick issue), which I replaced every few months. I've yet...
  15. Jarred

    Is iPhone and iOS becoming stale?

    Sometimes I wonder if people expect a little too much from their gadgets, or perhaps place too much identity into what they carry with them. My iPhone is a phone when it has to be, and has enough apps available to be convenient when I need it to be and entertain me when I've got time to spare.
  16. Jarred

    Which iPhone 5 case are you getting?

    My Defender arrived this morning, must say these are getting better and better. The silicon is much tougher and the built in screen protector no longer reduces the quality of the screen to the point I want to poke it out :LOL:
  17. Jarred

    Are you buying a Lightning Adapter, Lightning Cable or both

    Probably get a pair of extra cables, one to stay connected to the PC, another for the car. May have to consider a 3rd for work if I find it annoying to have to remember to grab a cable for charging should I need it.
  18. Jarred


    Yeah I did a bus tour to Bath, Stonehenge and the Salisbury cathedral. I had already caught myself a nice British cold by then after being caught in a downpour walking to the tube a few days earlier. Really should have invested in an umbrella heh
  19. Jarred


    Nah, this was with my 600D (T3i to the US) and a 28mm f/1.8 prime. I wasn't going to be able to live with myself going all that way and just shooting with the iPhone hah. Did take a couple of shots with the iPhone though.
  20. Jarred


    Hey all, was over in the UK the past 3 weeks - have been aching to share this pic since I got it! Will post some of the shots I got in the museums at some point too. Stonehenge by GSRWRC, on Flickr