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  1. J

    Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7

    I'm personally hoping for iOS 7 for both iPad and iPhone.
  2. J

    Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7

    In my weekly searches for rumours on the iPhone 5s or 6 and iOS 7 I found this really good parody on Youtube: Whilst I normally hate Apple parody videos I thought this one is good enough to share and was hoping to get some discussion going on what features you really would like to see in the...
  3. J

    Will the iPhone 5 get iOS 7?

    Yes iPhone 5 will get iOS 7 :-) Don't worry!
  4. J

    Bookmarks disappeared?

    I just have to force close the app by holding the home button then clicking holding on the app then clicking the minus icon and when I open agan they are there
  5. J

    4.8" iPhone

    I can't wait to see if Apple do what they did with the ipad mini and cave in to consumer demand. They were playing catch up with that device and I hope they make 4.8 iPhone!
  6. J

    Can you save text messages?

    Screenshots and forwarding always works for me.
  7. J

    trouble with iMessages/text messages

    Have you tried restoring your phone?
  8. J

    Music keeps on restarting

    Have you tried resyncing your iTunes library or doing a restore?
  9. J

    iPhone YouTube problem?

    Works for me.
  10. J

    Google maps now available!

    I really like the Google offering. Great not to have an inferior version compared to Android. Good one Google!
  11. J

    iPhone 5S Rumors

    I wish it would have a 13mpx camera! But i doubt that. Apple are always behind in the megapixel camera offerings :-(