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    New Weather App (Awesome)

    It does save settings when you register. I know that you can get all this info free on the internet, but I love having everything in one place. Maps and all.
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    New Weather App (Awesome)

    You can add any map on the internet that you want. That is what is so great about it. got in trouble because they were probably using weather channel animations which take a lot of bandwidth. I know that the desktop program associated with this new iPhone app has been around for...
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    New Weather App (Awesome)

    I recently discovered this new weather application which has both a desktop and iPhone version. The desktop app provides you with constantly updating weather information, radar data and customized images. These can than be exported to your own customized iPhone weather link. This app is...
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    Does bestskinsever cover chrome border on iPhone?

    added best skins ever a few days ago and all I can say it is great. It's holding up real well. I keep the phone in my pocket and take it out all day and even the corners are staying put. That was my only concern.
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    Yahoo email-lost emails!

    looks like they are having issues. I am trying to log into the web interface on my macbook pro and I keep getting server issues. I also noticed that some emails are missing.
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    Apple Feedback About Yahoo Mail Troubles

    my yahoo works fine as well. No problems.
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    Post your model # and any issues with your iPhone.

    MA712, no problems, everything working great