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    WiFi hotspots

    There has been talk on this board about using Wifi at Starbucks, hotels, and airports. What are some other places that have free wifi? Or does it not really matter because it has EDGE? Is the main difference between EDGE and wifi the speed?
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    iPhone hidden details - interesting find!

    How many features do you think Jobs left out of his keynote earlier in the year? I'd say there are going to be at least two big sized features that are unknown to all (most) of the public. I think better communication with the iPhone and iTunes/music store would be a nice feature to have.
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    iPod like feature?

    Haha...this is my first time reading this thread but I was about to post the same thing you did. For a guy that was trying to correct someone, he/she sure did a poor job of it. :laugh2:
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    We've been punked! Cisco owns iPhone

    I think the executives at Apple were doing the same thing. I'm sure they were thinking they would never have to pay a penny to Cisco. Educating the public for free using this fiasco definitely helped their cause.
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    Thoughts on keeping iPhone closed to third-party apps.

    I like that Apple is working WITH other developers currently. In the future when there are more iPhone users, developers may need less strictness from Apple for the businesss users as Kabeyun eluded to. But I like how it's really only Apple's work in the iPhone right now.
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    iPhone hidden details - interesting find!

    Fun, informative video. Thanks for the link. I don't think there's any doubt that you will be able to go through iTunes music store to get ringtones for the iPhone. I hope the directions idea comes through with Google Maps.
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    iPhone 2.0

    I don't think they can get rid of the "unnecessary" black space because there's a lot going inside where that black space exists. GPS would be a nice addition, but the Google Maps interface will be good enough for me. I also don't mind the 4GB/8GB size because I currently own a nano with less...
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    Speed Connecting to Internet

    How fast is one able to open up webpages and emails relative to both cell phones and wireless laptops? The webpage Steve Jobs brought up in his unveiling of the iPhone seemed VERY slow relative to a wireless laptop. I have never owned a smart phone or have tried to view a 'quasi-webpage' through...
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    iPhone as luxurious remote?

    What do you use your remote for? I've seen it used for presentations occasionally, but other than that, I hardly ever see it used. I used it a couple times with FrontRow but it seems silly to use it on my laptop.
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    iPhone as luxurious remote?

    Adding on to what Seattle said, there is also a good amount of USEFUL software that comes installed on Macs. While many people will then download open source software like Firefox, Thunderbird, Adium, and Open Office, I find there is a lot of software I use that comes pre-installed. I love all...